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  1. WTB 2nd Gen front off-road suspension (rear?)

    WTB/WTT Section
    Hey.... When I bought my truck used it came with jobber replacement front struts and I want to go back to stock. I will buy all 4 if needed but I am after the front only if that's an option. Blown fronts are good, I can refresh. Must be off-road/pro4x package I can arrange for shipping...
  2. Xterra 2004 Shocks

    Repair Questions
    Hi, I need to buy a set of shocks and struts for a Nissan Xterra 2004 SE 4WD. The driving is 70 % paved and 30 % not paved terrain. It has stock suspension, no modification has been performed. I have been searching on forums and most of them recommend Bilstein 5100, then I realize that I...
  3. birds in the wheel well chirp as I roll over bumps

    Repair Questions
    I know this has been a discussion, I figured I could start a fresh thread on this issue. I deflated my tires from the MAX PSI 44 down to 36 PSI because the placard calls for 30PSI and my steering is tight and I do not like the sluggishness of low tires. So after I deflated to 36 PSI I gained...
  4. Struts & Shocks for the HEAVY tires?

    Modification Questions
    I, along with a local shop I think I trust, concluded my tire cupping is being caused by my shocks and struts being worn out. They've got 80K miles on them and I want to replace them all. Where I've been using the Wrangler Duratrac tires that weigh a lot more than the stock tires, that's a lot...
  5. Front tires cupped - Horrendously..

    Repair Questions
    Front tires cupped, pretty badly Hi All! I've been running the Wrangler Duratrac's, LT265x75x16's. They are the Load C rated tires (the lower weight carrying version - they also come in a Load E version). 35,000 of driving and I ended up with the front tires horrendously cupped. I've...
  6. Rear hatch struts

    Interior Mods
    I'm not sure exactly what they are called but Ive added weight to my rear hatch and now it's not lifting properly lol. Has anyone put larger struts or know where to get them??
  7. Should I do it, or get it done?

    Repair Questions
    I've got a 2000 Xterra, 2WD, about 158K miles. There are some things that need done, and I need to get some opinion as to whether I could easily do it myself, or if I shouldn't risk it and take it to a mechanic. I'm not a complete car repair virgin, but I'm no gear-head either. Here are the...
  8. Shocks and Struts

    Modification Questions
    Hey guys, Quick question, I have a 2005 Xterra SE and I want to replace the shocks and struts, maybe give them a little upgrade as well. Only problem is that I dont know what size comes standard on the that year of X. I wasn't able to find them online either. Does anyone know what size is on...