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  1. Repair Questions
    So I recently installed my blistien 3in deluxe suspension lift and 33in mickey thompsons after a few weekends of nothing but air hammering and cutting every seized bolt out of my 2000 nissan X. After doing all this i took my car to brakes plus to get the steering aligned only to find out that...
  2. Repair Questions
    So guys I just lifted my x 2.5 in the front(coil spacers) and 1.5 in the back(shackles) unfortunately I couldn't get one of the camber bolts in. I tried to heat it up and it wouldn't come loose and later found out I had burnt the bushings in the lca. So I bought a new lca from part...
  3. Repair Questions
    Hi guys, recently I went on a one month vacation. When I got back and drove it I noticed something, when Im trying to park and steer the wheel on either direction I hear a squeak... checked under the hood and a friend says it's the "steering pump try putting wd40"..... now before I do that I...
1-3 of 3 Results