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steering noises

  1. Whining when I turn my steering wheel.

    Repair Questions
    So I have had my 2004 xterra for about 6 months now, and recently it has started to may a weird whining noise when I turn my steering wheel. I have checked my power steering fluid levels a few times and it isn't going down, but the problem is getting slightly worse as time goes on. Recently when...
  2. birds in the wheel well chirp as I roll over bumps

    Repair Questions
    I know this has been a discussion, I figured I could start a fresh thread on this issue. I deflated my tires from the MAX PSI 44 down to 36 PSI because the placard calls for 30PSI and my steering is tight and I do not like the sluggishness of low tires. So after I deflated to 36 PSI I gained...
  3. Supercharger? Steering noises? Mudding precautions

    Modification Questions
    I Have an 05 Xterra off road 6 speed manual and i kind of want a supercharger for it. does anyone know where i can get one or even just price one. Also i took my car off-roading (its stock right now) and now every time i turn the sterring wheel it makes a loud noise. It is coming from the front...