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steering column
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  1. Repair Questions
    My beloved 2003 Xterra is having a issue that I'm getting help on in another thread. Before I finish doing everything I can and throw my hands in the air and go to a mechanic, I thought I would take the opportunity to remove some old junk and get back to stock. I found that...
  2. Repair Questions
    The steering wheel/ column shakes when I drive at/over 65mph. It gets worse as I go faster except for when I reach 80 mph then it settles down a bit. I got used tires put in about 3 weeks ago and the front passenger one was already wearing wayyy faster then the other 3. Took it to the shop and...
  3. Repair Questions
    :heul3-big: Help! I can't seem to be able to remove the lower joint of the Steering Column on my Xterra 2007. It's my first time really doing anything "big" on my X and because of a bad Upper ball Joint I decided to replace the UCA with new ones. Now I'm stuck, the last bolt of the front left...
1-3 of 3 Results