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  1. 2007 Won't Start and I'm completely lost

    It Won't Start!!!
    Hey all, I've got a dead X that I cannot revive at all and I've spent 2 weeks trying to diagnose and replace everything that has been suggested. I just bought it in August and its been running just fine between then and now. We recently just did our first oil change. Came out a few weeks ago and...
  2. Fuel Pump Relay Intermittent

    Repair Questions
    Hi all, Lately my 2000 Xterra (6-cyl) has been having issues starting. When I first got it, it had been sitting for a few years, had a bad fuel pump. Replaced the pump, filter, and relay, as well as the fuse box which had some corrosion. That got it running for a few months then I started...
  3. fuel problem?

    It Won't Start!!!
    2001 X 3.3 cranks strong but no start. Has nice blue spark. When I spray starting fluid into the intake, it fires up. What should I replace? When I turn the key, I can hear something hum from behind me. I am guessing this might be the fuel pump. Any help is greatly appreciated. - Todd...
  4. wont start till day warms up. Relay?

    Repair Questions
    Xterra wont start in morning. Hubby sais it relates to me not being a morning person :laugh: OK really it seamed random at first but we've noticed it only seems to be early that it wont start. Battery is fine, turns over but wont start. Later in the same day it will start, several days its...
  5. clunky rattle upon ignition. wont start.

    It Won't Start!!!
    2006 Xterra Two weeks ago upon starting my X, the ignition fired, but would not start. It did some serious vibrating and rattling instead idling. Luckily I was in the Auto Zone parking lot (I had just bought and put in a Lucas Fuel System cleaner). I went in to get a tech to come out and help...
  6. Clicking - 2001 Nissan Xterra SE

    It Won't Start!!!
    I have a 2001 Xterra that runs great, only problem is that when i attempt to start the engine I always get this clicking noise. This happens about 85% of the time but rarely it would start without a problem. New Spark-plugs, New battery, New battery ground, New Pumps, New Radiator, New engine...
  7. Wont Idle in Cold

    Repair Questions
    Hello i have a 2002 gen 1 3.3 and when i start it no it wont crank without a little gas and will not idle above 500 for at least 10 - 20 minutes until finally the temperature heats up. It didn't used to be like this even in weather close to 0. The heater also takes forever to heat up as well...
  8. Good Starter, Bad Starter

    It Won't Start!!!
    So the Hydra 1st Gen is acting up again. New battery, new Starter, both tested as good. Ive checked the wires, voltage is fine all over on the battery end and starter end. I also checked the posts and they are on tight. It seems to be doing this every few weeks. It will work fine, then out...
  9. Engine won't start sometimes. Vehicle Immobilizer System?

    FAQ/Common Questions
    Hello, I recently purchased a 2007 X and every once in a while, when I go to start the car the engine won't start. All the accessories/lights/radio/etc turn on, but the engine itself won't start. This also happens right after the car stalls. (just learning stick, bear with me haha). Can...
  10. Intermittently Won't Crank

    It Won't Start!!!
    I have a 2003 XE 4x4 manual transmission. Several months ago I went to start it after work one night and all I got was a single click under the hood. The lights and radio all came on still. The next day it started a couple times but then did it again later that next day. Within about 3 days it...
  11. Welder questions

    General Discussions
    I am thinking of getting a welder. I saw some that don't use bottles for around $90. What is the difference in them? Which ones will work to make bumpers and stuff?
  12. What are the two vacuum hoses that plug into the air intake for?

    It Won't Start!!!
    I recently installed a custom intake...without utilizing the vacuum hoses, my car stalls out unless given that I connected the two hoses to my new intake, the car runs and idles without the need for me to give it gas..I think the idle is lower now though at only 600 rpm warm, and 1000...
  13. 2001 - Hard to start when warm

    Repair Questions
    This one is killing me! My Xterra will start in the morning flawlessly in the morning or after it has been sitting for over a few hours. It will also start flawlessly if it has only been off for about 5 minutes. The problem is, anywhere between that window, say, if it has been of 10 minutes...
  14. Loss of power / 9mpg after some tuneup work?!

    Repair Questions
    I had some intermittent starting problems a month back and the dealer told me that his computer was showing a bad camshaft position sensor in the distributor and a bad MAF unit. I ordered and changed the distributor and MAF with new parts. I also changed the plugs, wires, distro cap, air...
  15. Won't Start: No Ignition - HELP!

    It Won't Start!!!
    I hate to admit it, but the X wouldn't start for the first time today. (other than battery) The battery terminals are clean and it has never had a better connection. I checked ALL of the fuses and they're fine. I turn the key and the starter turns and cranks the engine over but there's no...