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  1. Roof basket squeak!

    Repair Questions
    So I finally added some felt to the good latch bumpers on my 2004 X, and the squeak was gone! Now, I can hear the roof basket making a constant super annoying squeaking noise in rough roads. All the bolts are tight, I’m wondering if maybe a padded liner has deteriorated?? There’s space between...
  2. Steering/Suspension Squeak/Creak WITH VIDEO

    Repair Questions
    My 02 Xterra has been experiencing a squeak/creak for a while now and it seems like 2 distinct noises. I don't exactly remember when it started, but I developed several assumptions as to what it was and these are the items that have been replaced: Shocks UCA's/Bushings/Ball Joint Centerlink Tie...
  3. Squeaking while backing up

    Repair Questions
    Good morning all, I have a 2010 Nissan Xterra that I have had since it was brand new. Just recently I noticed there was a squeak when backing up. It sounds like it is coming from the back wheels. With over 53,000 miles on the vehicle, I am thinking brakes and plan to have it looked at this week...
  4. Chirp/Squeak in drive while accelerating

    Repair Questions
    Over the last couple of days my 2005 X (4x2) has an annoying chirp or squeak coming from underneath it when accelerating and braking. It does not make the sound when in neutral or park and when revving the engine. Only when in gear and accelerating and braking. Any thoughts? I am taking it to a...
  5. 2011 Pro-4x high pitched squeak

    General Discussions
    A squeaking noise which almost sounds like forks on a plate. It comes and goes on the interior of my cabin. It seems to come from the rear roof area, and tends to start on gravel roads or while off-road. Anybody have any ideas?
  6. Can't find squeak...PLEASE HELP!

    General Discussions
    There is a squeak on the front passenger side of my X. I think it sounds like plastic on plastic but it could be anything. It does it with the door open or closed. I took out the glove box and rooted around but didn't find anything. I also took of the front passenger tire, took off the fender...
  7. Metal rattling noise, and squeak on frnt right tire

    Repair Questions
    So i know this cant be good, but i have two problems: First: My front right tire, when it goes down a curb or hits small little bumps in the road, im talking no big deal bumps, there is a lovely, loud squeak noise coming from it, and i wonder if its the shocks. anyone have this issue? Second...
  8. That Dang Trunk Panel

    Repair Questions
    I hate the dang thing, u know, the plastic panel that holds the first aid pack, it scratches easily too.... I get in my car, and drive, and when i go over the most minimalist bumos, i hear this SQEEEEAAAKKKYYY SQUEAK SQUEAKITY :aufkopfhauen-big:...... its like little squeaks, but its not loud...
  9. squeaking in the rear

    FAQ/Common Questions
    Hey team! For the last couple weeks now the rear suspension has been squeaking very loud. Whenever I go over a pothole, whenever anyone gets in, and stopping is a catalyst to the squeaking that occurs. Do I need new shocks? Maybe take some WD-40 and go crazy? I am really not sure what to do...