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  1. New 2000 Xterra owner

    New Member Introductions
    Just picked it up cheap with 110,000 miles on. Bumpers have been painted light grey, but that will be redone this weekend. Interior is in great condition. Has a few issues I hope to sort out. Front washer not squirting. A/C compressor turning on and off randomly. Valve cover leaking. Love it so far.
  2. Installing new speakers into a 2001, what do i need?

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    So we bought this car used and the front speakers are blown and to save money, I wanted to replace them myself with this: What all do I need to remove the door...
  3. tweeter and door speaker replacement help

    ICE - In Car Entertainment
    has anyone found a good video of how to swap out the stock tweeters in the pillar? I bought the pillars and the door speakers but Im nervous about swapping them out myself since I don't know how to splice wires or know much of anything at all about installing speakers. So I don't wanna break...
  4. Help with speakers problem

    Interior Mods
    Long question and I just bought my 2004 Xterra. Im 'green" to all this so please bare with me since its all so new to me. one of my pillar speaker or tweeter is blown out in my car. and Im not sure what to do about it. should I 1) disconnect the broken pillar speaker and then just leave it...
  5. front door speaker replacement

    Repair Questions
    just bought my son a 2001 xe. I believe the front door speakers foam have dry-rotted and am looking for recommendations on replacement. Are they mid range/woofer drivers? is it better to replace the tweeters since I will have the panel off. If so, where is the cross-over unit located (factory)...
  6. Amp ?

    Interior Mods
    I am buying a kicker 15" dual comp subwoofer with 2 ohm. Max peak at 500w. What amp do I need to get for this? Please help!
  7. 2002 Xterra Stereo Install

    Modification Questions
    So the last few days I've been working on installing a Pioneer FH-X700 I bought from crutchfield. I've been able to get the stereo to work but my speakers wont play music after I wired them up. The only problem I can think of is that i need to run power and 2 extra wires I have from my wiring...
  8. Aftermarket head unit/speakers

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I'm interested in replacing the stock stereo/head unit thing and using a better and more powerful one. I enjoy listening to music on systems that don't sound like garbage, and those of you who have a 2001 know just how poop the speakers are. I've been seeing these harnesses that don't require...
  9. 2002 SE amp and speaker replacement

    Interior Mods
    Hi all, New here but long-time creeper. Recently inherited 2002 SE S/C. I've been looking around a lot in attempt to identify the components in my X. My understanding is that the 2002 SE S/C came equipped with the Rockford stereo with built-in sub and 6-disc changer and this was noted by the RF...
  10. Speaker questions

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2006 Se with Rockford fosgate package and my speakers are staring to die I was wandering if the speakers in the car are coaxial or component and which would be better to buy for better sound quality.
  11. Speakers

    ICE - In Car Entertainment
    Okay, so I am trying to ugrade the speakers in the 2005 S, but I don't know what size the stock speakers are, and different sites tell me differently. Does anyone happen to know?
  12. Stock door speaker sizes for 2010 x model

    General Discussions
    Anyone know what size the stock door speaker sizes are on the 2010 x? I'm getting varied facts from many sources even Crutchfield and I'd like to know from some one who's actually peeled back the door panels front and back and looked inside. Also wondering if anyone's changed out the dash...
  13. Suggestions or ideas anybody? Off-road lights on roof for '00 Xterra

    Exterior Mods
    I just purchased my silver 2000 Xterra 4WD and I have tons of mods that I want to do. Does anybody know, or has anyone been able to install off-road lights on the roof ? Also looking for speaker sizes. Thanks.