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  1. Southeast Forum
    hey we need ot have a mod day befor coal creek y'all! bad! ive got a body lift on the way that this 18 year old is not getting suckered into paying for! so we should definately have a mod day sometime soon. one saturday, preferably in chattanooga this time lol. anyone down?
  2. Southeast Forum
    Go here for a complete list of parks in the Southeastern states. I will keep this updated as much as possible as new parks open:)/close:( Alabama * The Great American Park Auburn, Al * Grayrock, near Gardendale, Al
  3. Southeast Forum
    Just released this morning. The event coordinator Brian (Houdini) added two new events to the schedule and they are keeping Coal Creek! Yay! Gulches – 26-28 Feb 2010 - Official NOAS Run South Carolina RiverRock – 9-11 April - Unofficial NOAS Run...
  4. Southeast Forum
    Come one, come all this is going to happen! So far: Drake Xterror04 Bountyhunter101 Stevin (pending) Roschili (pending) drbandkgb (pending) Does anyone have any type of comms like a FRS radios or CB? I have both and prefer CB but we can use FRS if necessary. We at least need the trail...
1-4 of 4 Results