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  1. Mod Day

    Southeast Forum
    hey we need ot have a mod day befor coal creek y'all! bad! ive got a body lift on the way that this 18 year old is not getting suckered into paying for! so we should definately have a mod day sometime soon. one saturday, preferably in chattanooga this time lol. anyone down?
  2. Where to go wheeling in the Southeast

    Southeast Forum
    Go here for a complete list of parks in the Southeastern states. I will keep this updated as much as possible as new parks open:)/close:( Alabama * The Great American Park Auburn, Al * Grayrock, near Gardendale, Al
  3. NOAS 2010 Event Schedule

    Southeast Forum
    Just released this morning. The event coordinator Brian (Houdini) added two new events to the schedule and they are keeping Coal Creek! Yay! Gulches – 26-28 Feb 2010 - Official NOAS Run South Carolina RiverRock – 9-11 April - Unofficial NOAS Run...
  4. Coal Creek Run - October 17th

    Southeast Forum
    Come one, come all this is going to happen! So far: Drake Xterror04 Bountyhunter101 Stevin (pending) Roschili (pending) drbandkgb (pending) Does anyone have any type of comms like a FRS radios or CB? I have both and prefer CB but we can use FRS if necessary. We at least need the trail...