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  1. odd smell, thinking dragging brake caliper, want to discuss and confirm

    Repair Questions
    Ok, normally i am the one helping everyone but i have a mystery smell and need a little bit of help now. i THINK its my driver rear brake caliper dragging slightly. the smell kind of resembles that of getting on the brakes super hard the kinda odd burning smell you get sometimes after doing so...
  2. Exhaust smell in vehicle when heater is on

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2004 Xterra that I purchased about 2 years ago. I noticed early on that there was an exhaust smell in the vehicle, but only when the heater is on. When it's warm to hot outside, and I'm only running the air conditioner, there is no smell. But when I turn the heater on, the smell...
  3. Clutch Problems

    Repair Questions
    Hey fellow xterra owners, I have a 2005 manual nissan xterra off road edition and recently it has been knocking alot. It happens pretty often but then i can push in my clutch and it will stop. Im not sure what it is. I dont know if this has anything to do with it but everytime i get out of my...
  4. P1126 - Thermostat? Coolant

    Repair Questions
    This is my first post as a new member, I appreciate any help. I recently purchased a 2001 Automatic Xterra SE (xtreme). Since I bought it (2 months ago) there has been a smell that resembles burning coolant. I'm not leaking coolant but every 100 miles or so I need to replace about a cup of...