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skid plate

  1. Fixed up stock skid plate

    Repair Questions
    So my stock Nissan skid plate was literally being held up by two out of the six mounting bolts. The other 4 were totally stripped - I'm sure the tiny M6 bolts don't hold up well in the face of Jiffy Lube shop boys with impact drivers... Fix got a bit more interesting after I snapped an EZ-out...
  2. Skid Row Skid Plates

    Parts For Sale
    I have a set of 4 Skid Row skid plates for a 1st gen X sitting in my parent's garage that I need to get rid of asap, I'm not sure which ones have the hardware and which ones don't but I will know in the next few days. They are in perfect condition except they will need to be repainted. They are...
  3. 03 (1.5 gen) OEM bumper

    Parts For Sale
    I'm selling a 2003 Nissan Xterra front bumper assembly. Includes the main front plastic bumper with 2 new fog lights, also new bulbs, the two plastic plates for under the fog lights, the metal bracket that connects the two sides of the frame, the front plastic license plate holder, and the main...
  4. New guy here...

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all, Just purchased my 2002 Nissan XT about a month ago. Love it, love it, love. I have put some money into it but I'm ok with that. I'm sure it's going to take care of me for a long time. Pics to come. I've never joined a 'forum' in the past but I'm hoping I can get questions answered...
  5. Brand New Xterra Owner

    New Member Introductions
    Hey folks, I am a 21 year old college senior from the Midwest and I have always wanted a vehicle that would be of manageable size and style in the city, but that would find its real home off of the pavement. Well today thanks to a generous bank and some hard saved money I was able to purchase...
  6. Advice on 2010 Xterra Armor

    General Discussions
    Hey, all. I am a brand spanking new Xterra owner. I have a 2010 Navy Blue Xterra S, and I was thinking of getting some armor for my X (sliders and skid plates). This is my daily driver and I'd like to take it wheelin but nothing too hardcore, just some moderate offroading. I'd like to get...
  7. Wtb: 2010 oem skid plates

    Hey, all. I'm looking for something cheap and easy in the interim. For all of you looking to get rid of your stock full skid plate set (I know they are shitty and really only take care of pebbles) I'm willing to buy it from you so you can put money towards your future shrocks or skid rows. Don't...
  8. Rear diff cover for 1st gen?

    Body Armor
    Does anyone make one? If not, is there a reason for that? I ask because I just caused a couple grand of damage by slamming my rear diff on a rock, and one of those would have been REALLY useful.
  9. Skid plate Questions

    General Discussions
    I really hope someone can help me out with this! I need the dimensions of the tc skid plate, engine/tran skid plate, gas tank skid plate, and front skid plate. IF at all possible i need like the detailed specs because im still in school and i got a good friend in welding class and he said he...