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  1. Wild Coast X build thread

    Member's Xterras
    Been on the forum for a while, figured I might as well (finally) post some pics of my X and start this build thread! I'm in British Columbia, Canada. I got the X a couple of years ago and it has been a trusty exploration machine, getting me to some high and remote places. I've been wrenching on...
  2. Question on Shrockworks Bumper - 2011 Xterra

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I ran a search but couldn't find anything specific so let me try here. I am adding a Shrockwork front bumper on a 2011 Xterra. How do people handle the grill when installing with a winch? Do you just cut it? Any thoughts on replacing with a 2005-08 grill? Anyone done this?
  3. Parting Out (or whole) 2003 Xterra 4WD

    Parts For Sale
    Hi folks, My daughter's 2003 Xterra died of a broken timing belt recently. It is a grey 2003 4WD. Everything works (except for the engine) It had about 145,000 at the time of its demise. It has a Shrockworks rear bumper/tire carrier, aftermarket cold air intake, neoprene front/read seat covers...
  4. 2002 Xterra SE SC 4x4 w/ Shrockworks Havre de Grace MD $2500

    Vehicles For Sale
    I have just spent the past 3 weekends preparing the vehicle for sale by performing a bunch of maintenance. Unfortunately for me it seems the driver’s side head gasket blew internally right after I finished everything :crying:. It starts and runs fine with no check engine light or misfires, but...
  5. ISO winch mount front bumper for 1st gen.. NJ area will travel

    Parts For Sale
    Hello.. in search of winch mount front bumper for my 2002 xterra stock height.. will travel a practical distance for the right price.. please let me know if any yall have anything available! thanks
  6. FS: 00-04 Shrockworks Tire Carrier

    Im selling my under 2 year old Shrockworks Tire carrier with both the options (Hi-lift mount and CB tab). It is in excellent condition and has never been used to recover the truck. and it retails for over $1000. Includes frame stiffeners. Save yourself some money and wait time by buying mine...
  7. Shrockworks?

    Body Armor
    So far I've heard nothing but good things about Shrockworks. They are pricey, but I love the look of their products and if I have to fork over $1k for a good bumper that I'll love as long as I have my X then I will. Just wondering if I should be aware of any risks before purchasing something...
  8. Installing retrofit headlights after ShrockWorks bumper installation

    Modification Questions
    Hello, I finally received my ShrockWorks front and rear bumpers and had them installed. I'm also interested in upgrading my headlights and purchased the Bi-Xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III Kit from TRS...
  9. FS Shrockworks Gen2 Xterra/Frontier Radiator Skid Plate (NEW/UNUSED)

    Parts For Sale
    For Sale: Unused Shrockworks Gen2 Radiator Skid Plate and mounting hardware for Xterra/Frontier. I purchased this years ago, but for multiple reasons never mounted it. Sadly selling my 2006 X, want this to go to a good home. $100 OBO. Compare to $199+35 new with powder coating from...
  10. 2 inch Body lift with Shrockworks bumper

    Modification Questions
    Hi everybody, first time posting. I scoured the internet and could not find an answer to my question, so i thought this would be the best place to ask. This summer i will be doing some modifications on my 2010 4x4 offroad xterra. I want a 2 inch body lift as well as a bumper. I was wondering...
  11. Just bought someone's xterra...who's was it?

    Member's Xterras
    Hey there xterraists, I recently bought a 04 xterra XE, silver, out here in Washington State at Peninsula Subaru. I was told it was one of the service techs vehicles. I'd like to get a hold of that guy so I can find out a few things, like where the CB antenna wire leads to, what the audio wires...
  12. 1st gen Armor shrockworks and calmini

    Parts For Sale
    FS/FT 1st gen Armor shrockworks and calmini Hello all, long time no chat. Anyways, i have been looking into trading the Xterra and have decided there is no trade in value for the Shrockworks skids and Calmini sliders I have on my truck. I am selling the Gen 1 front skid, the Tcase skid, and the...
  13. FS:2011 Xterra PRO-4X w/ Shrockworks bumper

    Vehicles For Sale
    30k mi. Night armour. Stock wheels and tires plus 5 steelies with Bridgestone Blizzaks. 1/2 tread left on all sets. Shrockworks rear bumper with hi-lift mount and spare Pro-4x rim and tire mounted, xoskel roof brace with backup light professionally wired. Rotopak spare gas can mounted in rooftop...
  14. FS: Winch Bumper by Shrockworks (00-04)

    Parts For Sale
    SOLD.... For pickup only in Huntsville, Alabama. For sale is a Shrockworks Heavy Duty winch bumper for a 2000 Xterra. Fits 2000 to 2004 models. Hardware is included. Needs a bath. Here is the site they sell new from:
  15. GPS, Radar, and Lights

    Interior Mods
    Finally got myself an Xterra in January after a LOT of saving up. 2012 OR package. Blue. :D :love-eyes-big: Got the gps dock with the spearks, but I found out my own nuvi 750 isn't compatible with the dock speakers, and I'd need the 750 nissan-sepcific model. Anyone know where to get one? I...
  16. Bumper Sag

    Repair Questions
    Couldn't find this in the forums anywhere: The stock bumpers on my 2000 SE 4WD Automatic sag on the sides. There is about a 1" gap between the bumper plastic and the body panels on both sides, front and back. I bet this is a common problem since so many of you seem to mod your bumpers...
  17. Problems with ARB/Shrockworks bumpers?

    Exterior Mods
    I was thinking or putting a ARB bumper on my 03 X but was cautioned that the extra weight will wear out my front end...? Has anyone had a problem with it?
  18. Yay! - Prezzie For Me!

    General Discussions
    Thought I'd spend some of my Christmas money on something that' *ahem* Anyway, that's what I told myself when I bought it.
  19. herculined my rocker panels and FINALLY installed my sliders

    Exterior Mods
    i have had this can of hercy for over a year. Finally got off my lazy a$$ and did it. I wrote up a how to and put it in that section.
  20. DeltaPhi216 rides the short bus!

    Member's Xterras
    DeltaPhi216 rides the short bus! pics as of 2-26-13 Username: Deltaphi216 Year: 2006 Make: Nissan Model: Xterra Trim: S Color: Solar Yellow's September 2012 Member of the Month! Armor: - Shrockworks front bumper - Shrockworks Rear swingout bumper - Shrockworks sliders - Lower...