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  1. Shovel Mount

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    another shovel holder! I've seen the others and they all have their benefits, but this is what I think will work best for me. All you need is 2 quick fists (only $1.50 shipping per item from the man. 2 hose clamps (FYI the diam. of a circle with the circumference of our...
  2. Hi-Lift and Shovel/Ax Mounts for around $25

    Exterior Mods
    So, I had been racking my brain over the last couple of weeks since I got rid of the LoadWarrior for a good way to re-mount the shovel and Hi-Lift I had on my rig. Now, I'll go off topic on that one for a moment. I sold the LoadWarrior to a guy in our local club here in VA; then used a...