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  1. '03 won't turn over, acc works just fine

    It Won't Start!!!
    Good morning! I apologize if this topic has been beaten to death but I'm stumped. For some reason, my Xterra decided that it didn't want to turn over. Turned the key to start it, and nothing happened. All of the accessories (lights, radio, heater, etc) turned on and functioned fully but she...
  2. Problems getting my 2000 to start

    It Won't Start!!!
    Accidentally locked my keys into my 2000 at work and left the key in the ACC position, draining the battery. Tried to use coat hanger to open the door, but it was taking too long as I had to be back on shift in the morning and this shift ended at 1AM. My boss was helping me and being in security...
  3. Locks & Horn are Malfunctioning

    Repair Questions
    Hello! New here. We bought a used '04 Xterra a couple months ago. It's in great condition, and only has a little over 50,000 mi on it. We've noticed a recurring problem with our locks and horn (security system?). It's never predictable, and we can't figure out what triggers it. The issue started...
  4. FS: Transmission Lock - SOLD

    //////////// sold 03Sep /////////////// I had this "MUL-T-Lock" installed on my 2000 X. It mounts to the right side of the shifter and locks the truck in park to deter theft. It comes with 3 keys. Picture in link below: I do not have a picture of...