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  1. Coal Creek Run - October 17th

    Southeast Forum
    Come one, come all this is going to happen! So far: Drake Xterror04 Bountyhunter101 Stevin (pending) Roschili (pending) drbandkgb (pending) Does anyone have any type of comms like a FRS radios or CB? I have both and prefer CB but we can use FRS if necessary. We at least need the trail...
  2. NOAS Coal Creek Open-Run May 15-17 (Camping Info Update)

    Southeast Forum
    This is a cross-post from NOAS from the event coordinators: ***This is an open run. You need to be at least 18yrs old (or have a parent with you), be responsible, and own a Nissan to attend. That is it! Coal Creek - May 15-17 Alright everyone…..we are 2 months...
  3. NOAS Run @ Coal Creek May 15th - 17th

    Southeast Forum
    Just getting this out there now so people can plan ahead that are interested. The annual Coal Creek run has been pushed back to May 15th - 17th. This run is open to anyone who owns a nissan and wants to get it dirty. You DO NOT have to be a NOAS member to attend. Last year was said to be a...
  4. 10/10 - SXFC Oktoberfest Run at Coal Creek

    Southeast Forum
    Just found out that the SXFC (Southeastern Xterra Frontier Club) is getting some new life and is making a comeback. They are having a run at Coal Creek, October 10th and it's planned to be an all day run and camping and just all around good times. I'm waiting on some replies to see if...