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  1. Rough Idle on warm-up SOMETIMES

    Repair Questions
    Info: 2002 Nissan Xterra XE w/ 151k miles. Recent work includes Trans flush, oil change, both diff fluid changes, air filter, cabin air filter, PCV valve, and SeaFoam. The problem happens randomly sometimes but its always warm when it happens. I have tried pulling codes but they change...
  2. '06 Running Rough when ON the gas

    Repair Questions
    This may be a dumb question but I'm a little...lets say "mechanically handicapped". Or I could say I know jack sh*t about vehicles other than mine is a '06 X Offroad, manual transmission with 170000km. Anyway I've seen many posts about rough idling but I have the opposit problem, she runs...
  3. Bucking - ignition coil?

    Repair Questions
    2002 Xterra XE, 3.3L, 4x4 (101,00mi) Last 4 months w/ bad miss-firing & engine running rough... very random, at idle, on highway - esp. ~ 60+mph - car is bucking... very intermittent fine for a while then bad.. worse on hills, used to be able to fight through it driving RPMs up, but worse...
  4. Rough idle after many correction attempts

    Repair Questions
    I've been a forum member for a while now and have been really impressed with all the write ups. I have saved myself many bruised and bloody knuckles and hours of frustration. I bought my 02 X out of Chicago this Spring and I have been having fun working on it. I have had this idle problem for...