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  1. Repair Questions
    Anyone replace the two lift supports on the top of the roof rack that hold the storage compartment open? Mine are useless and I rather like that little cubby area for straps and such.
  2. Repair Questions
    I have been trying to remove the roof basket and rails to deep clean the roof. One of the basket screws does spin but won’t come out. I dont want to break it unless I seriously have to b/c it cost almost $4 for 1 screw. Can someone help/ explain! The other 3 come out easily. I will attach a...
  3. Repair Questions
    So I finally added some felt to the good latch bumpers on my 2004 X, and the squeak was gone! Now, I can hear the roof basket making a constant super annoying squeaking noise in rough roads. All the bolts are tight, I’m wondering if maybe a padded liner has deteriorated?? There’s space between...
  4. Exterior Mods
    I just got a stock 2010 and I'm looking to slowly stars adding upgrades to it. I'm hoping to find some recommendations for roof baskets and possible ladder combos as my starting point. I'm looking for something sturdy that will hold up to some beating. Any price, just has to be high quality if...
1-4 of 4 Results