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  1. ICE - In Car Entertainment
    I'm getting kinda tired of having two huge 15in subs taking up all the room in my x. I was wondering if anybody has upgrading the stock rockford sub to anything. I would like to see if maybe a 10in would fit in the same spot as the oem sub. Has anybody done this? Also what would be a good...
  2. Interior Mods
    I have a 2002 Xterra XE superchrged. The problem I have is that the 1995+ wiring harness does not match the wiring for my X what-so-ever. At first I had the 74' and up harness Scoshe makes. That didn't work so I special ordered the 95' and up both of which specifically say 2002 Xterra. I now...
  3. Interior Mods
    Got an '05 Xterra SE with the Rockford Fosgate system, but just put in a new Kenwood x692 head unit. The place told me the sub underneath the seat would still work just as well (it would literally shake the car), but I just picked it up and got nothing. Can you not use that sub mounted...
1-3 of 3 Results