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  1. To Rebuild or Not Rebuild

    Scheduled or Preventive Maintenance
    Hey everybody, I have a 2004 X with 220,000+/- miles. I've had it since 2006, and keep up with oil changes and basic maintenance. It's had two rounds of major repairs (knock sensors, 02 sensors, cats replaced, timing chain, throttle body work, new PS gearbox, etc.) It's a NE truck, so has had...
  2. Restoration for Recreation

    Tread Lightly
    Restoration for Recreation Tread Lightly! established its Restoration for Recreation(R) program in 1997. Since then, Tread Lightly!, its government partners, industry, and non-governmental partners, along with the sweat of volunteers have been transforming damaged and degraded areas into...
  3. Recreation Rescue

    Tread Lightly
    HUMMER and Tread Lightly! have announced the launch of a new partnership called HUMMER’s Recreation Rescue, which will provide grants to outdoor recreation sites. The grants will be dedicated towards land use education, management and trail maintenance. At least $25,000 in grants will be given...