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  1. 2008 Stock stereo replacement

    Modification Questions
    I've got an 08 Xterra and have been wanting to upgrade the stereo for a while. I opened up the compartment and found the connectors (10 and 6 ISO) are different than most modern car stereo connectors. Anyone have any suggestions for stereos with the same connections that has Bluetooth or at...
  2. 04 Xterra: Replacing deployed air bags

    Repair Questions
    Hi, I bought a 04 Nissan Xterra that had broke the rear differential and deployed the airbags, I found airbags online but I'm not sure if they will redeploy if I put them in. It has not been in a wreck so I have no idea why they deployed when the differential broke as there is no other damage to...
  3. 2002 Xterra A/C recirculate/mode door motor

    Repair Questions
    The actuator motor for the recirculate door in my 2002 Xterra is constantly running, But it's not actually doing anything. I think something inside the motor assembly is broken. I'm trying to figure out if i have to remove the dash to replace it, Or if there is enough wiggle room to get this...
  4. Replacing Rusted-Out Exhaust

    Repair Questions
    Hi All, I have a 2000 Xterra which has a rusted out exhaust system that lets exhaust out at at least one if not two spots before it gets to the end of the tailpipe. I was talking to my dad about replacing it myself and he said, "you should probably just pay someone to do that because those...
  5. '02 SE Supercharger Snout Pulley

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys! New here. Became an x owner about a year ago. I was hoping you all could help me out, and hopefully I can be some use to the community in the future as my x ownership matures :) So I took the snout off the supercharger of 2002 SE to give it a much needed bearing change. I was silly...
  6. Please please help me im desperate stereo problems

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Hello to all, my name is ronald and im from bolivia so excuse me for my really bad english but in dont know where to go for my problem, im owner of a nissan xterra 2010 SE with rockford fosgate system and actually i buy a new stereo doble din JVC KW V51bt for replace , so I connect all the wires...
  7. DIY First Gen Radiator Replacement

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    The PO of my truck wasn't much into vehicle maintenance and the radiator was cracked along the top seam. Apparently he drove it like this for about 6 months. In order to register it in Germany it has to pass inspection, which it wouldn't pissing coolant all over the engine. So I got on the...
  8. Replacing headlight bulbs often

    Repair Questions
    My 2000 is giving me headlight grief. Seems I'm replacing bulbs every 6 months or sooner. I'm using the Sylvania Silverstars--so they're not cheap bulbs. I'm the third owner of the vehicle, and the kid before me did a bunch of wiring work--yikes. I'm worried there's a voltage problem that's...
  9. Where to get replacement steering wheel?

    Repair Questions
    The rubber steering wheel in the 03 XTerra I just bought is pretty rough on top, and it looks rather simple to replace. I did find the same rubber one on ebay, but it sounds like they also came in leather?? Anyone know where or who might sell them besides the dealer? I would imagine they would...
  10. How to/diy: Replace headliner on 2000-04 xterra!!

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Alright guys, I just recently changed my headliner. It was really getting annoying, and personally, I thought the look was horrible. So I decided to replace the whole thing. This is Write Up of how I did it, and it looks way better than before! This is not done by any professional... nor did I...
  11. Leaking A/C line

    Repair Questions
    I've had a small leak somewhere in the line for a while now. I recharged the system and it worked for about 3 months...then I recharged it again, and it only lasted 2 weeks. Now I can visually see it leaking, and have noticed where the leak is. It appears to be the hose that attaches to the...
  12. Replace Wheel Studs

    Repair Questions
    Is there a way to replace wheel studs on the fronts without replacing the entire hub? I have one that sheared off... thanks Schenectady potholes! (and my lack of paying attention to vibration, loosening of lugs)
  13. Help with valve cover gasket on '01X

    Repair Questions
    I have developed an oil leak that the mechanics said is most likely the valve cover gasket which is dripping onto the exhaust and ever so unpleasant and smoky:) I have searched and found several people say that this is a pretty easy task. I recently changed the plugs, wires, cap and rotor -...
  14. 2000 Xterra Fog Light Replacement

    Repair Questions
    Hi everyone, Wondering if anybody's has experience with replacing fog lights on a 2000 Xterra. My driver's side fog has lost its plastic cover and the elements have gotten the best of the inside, see the first picture. I'm assuming I should just replace the light itself. I can get one for...