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  1. Offroad Suspension & Steering
    I just installed the Bilstein 24-184908 shocks. They fit great, I have about 1" lift and the shocks are longer by more then 2" I should have gotten these sooner but I waited till I broke the old factory shocks doing some off roading. There are questions on if the rear sway bar fits with a lift...
  2. Modification Questions
    What specific part # and/or model # if you have it. I've read very good things about the Bilsteins. Any thoughts? Thanks for any help/info.
  3. Street Suspension
    After reading through some posts it seems as though popular opinion is to remove the rear sway bar, most commonly stated that it could cause damage to the RR shock. Well guess what... I have a 2004 and SOMETHING happened this winter that blew my RR shock right off the lower mount. I'm trying to...
1-3 of 3 Results