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rear bumper

  1. Skid Row .. ?

    Body Armor
    where can you find the top half of the skid row rear bumpers? like you got the accuall bumper than the tire carrier. where can i find the tire carrier part and possibly a gas take holder. 'Casper' had one and sold it. thanks
  2. Show us your rear tire carrier!

    Body Armor
    Post up pictures of your rear bumper with tire carrier. I didn't see a thread for rear bumper pics. Mods feel free to delete if this thread exists.
  3. Back Hatch Delete? Dunno what its called...

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Ive seen a few Xs with their back cut out and had their tire rack put there. I dunno what this mod is called or what goes into doing it but would like to because thats the 1st on my list once i can find some direction in where to go with it. Any info would be excellent
  4. FS: Hitch, Bumper, Spare tire holder

    Hitch 90 plus shipping Bumper 125 plus shipping Spare tire holder 25 plus shipping [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG][/IMG] OR willing to trade for some new shocks :D Looking for Ranchos for lift All stickers included lol
  5. Raising Rear Bumper with 2" BL?

    Modification Questions
    When we met a Rausch last weekend I was eyeing everyone's rigs and plotting my next mods. I noticed that a bunch of X's had the 2" body lift and the aftermarket front bumper (ARB or Shrockworks) which looked great BUT a few of them still had the stock rear bumper and it looked shite (no offense)...