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  1. Overheats, but that's not all!

    Repair Questions
    Hey everyone! My 2003 x is giving me fits. 4wd V6 no supercharger. 117,000 miles with no mods that I know of. List of things going wrong: 1. Overheating while stopped or moving slow. I think it might be the fan clutch. Could I get some advice on troubleshooting this before I buy a replacement...
  2. '04 Rattle / Grinding Noise is Annoying!

    Repair Questions
    Hey everyone, I found that my '04 x s/c is making a noticeable rattling noise, specifically around the 2200 rpm mark. I have had two shops look into very briefly. They both said that the heat shields are tight and that they believe IT IS exhaust related. Weird thing is that this sound CANNOT...
  3. Valvetrain noise during cold starts.

    Repair Questions
    My wife has an 02 Xterra XE with 135k on the engine. When she first starts it up in the mornings the engine has some valvetrain noise for the first few seconds, then quiets down. I use Mobil 5000 5w30 oil and a Purolator filter. Oil never goes past 4,000 miles before an oil change. Does...
  4. Front end shake

    Repair Questions
    when i bought my xterra it had no shake. i did the rotors and now it shakes. re-balanced the tires and that wasnt the problem. going slow there is no steering wheel shake but once you speed up the steering wheel shakes vigorously. i also put the whole hub assembly together just as ALLDATA told...
  5. It is the Heat Shield causing the Rattle?

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2004 Xterra and it is rattling when I hit a certain RPM. It rattles the most between 1500 and 2500 RPM. I have been reading that this is caused from the heat shield; however, would the heat shield rattle at certain RPM or all the time? I also do not know exactly what the heat shield...
  6. $1600 on Maintenance, Problems Still There

    Repair Questions
    I just took my 2002 X to the shop with the following symptoms: 1) Grinding under the left wheel when making a hard left turn. 2) Stalling out when going into reverse in cold weather. 3) Downshifting at speeds above 90 mph. 4) Difficult-to-locate rattling under the engine compartment during...
  7. very annoying, strange rattle

    Repair Questions
    I have a very loud rattle in the back of my x. on the inside. its usually only when i go over bumps and stuff but i can not find where its coming from. Ive already checked the spare tire kit and the plastic on the roof in the back. Any ideas on what it could be? I have the rockford sub too, but...
  8. 2005 Dash Rattle?

    Repair Questions
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and in search of some help... I have an '05 Xterra S 2WD that seems to have developed an odd rattle coming from behind the dash after the truck engine has been shut off. It's a tapping sound that seems as if the A/C system is moving a vent or something. The tapping...