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  1. Aftermarket radio on stock amplifier wiring - loud 'pop' when turning radio on/off or changing modes

    General Discussions
    So I installed a Pioneer head unit using the Metra 70-7551 harness, which uses the RCA outputs on the radio and uses the stock Rockford F amp. I'm getting a loud 'pop' whenever the head unit turns on or even when changing modes or radio stations. Did a bunch of research and this forum and...
  2. ASWC-1 steering wheel controls installation help

    General Discussions
    2004 1st gen Xterra. Trying to set up the ASWC-1 unit to enable steering wheel controls with my aftermarket Pioneer (MVH-X390BT) head unit. I managed to get it to kind of work, but programming is wrong, and not sure how to fix it!?? My volume up works steering wheel button works correctly. But...
  3. How to add AUX to 1st gen radio

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Hello everyone! I want to share with you a quick little DIY project I did today. I have a factory radio in my 2004 X and have wanted to get AUX in my car for a while now so I can always have my music. I could have bought a new head unit that has bluetooth, AUX and all that, but I hate...
  4. Connect aftermarket radio to amplifier?

    General Discussions
    Trying to connect an aftermarket radio, but ran into a challenge, wondering if you guys can help! So on my previous Xterra, I put it an aftermarket radio, was super easy -> just got one of those Metra connection harnesses, connected the harness wires to the aftermarket radio, and then just...
  5. Blower motor switch wont work

    Repair Questions
    2005 Xterra: We installed an aftermarket radio yesterday and last night went to turn on the heat and it wont work. The lights work, the other functions presumably work, but not the blower motor switch. We took the panel off when we got home, made sure all the connections were tight, turned the...
  6. continues to run after turning key off

    Repair Questions
    i just got my 2011 pro-4x 6speed manual, in August 2015. no issues. all stock. just replaced the batter but it has been doing something interesting since i got it. every now and then after i park the radio will flash 3 or 4 times then i turn the key off and it stays running for up to three...
  7. Where to put CB, post pics and ideas.

    General Discussions
    Im trying to think of where I want to put my cb. I don't want it mounted on my dash and im a somewhat big guy so i cant put it where its gonna take up leg room. What would you guys recommend for a Cobra Pro520xl Compact 40 Ch? Thanks.
  8. 2012 Xterra S - Radio removable? Same plate covers HVAC

    ICE - In Car Entertainment
    What are my options? Do I have any? The cover plate over the radio also covers the HVAC controls. I really want an AUX port,.. is there a way to add one to this radio? Thanks in advance. I did search, but couldn't find anything with this specific radio.
  9. CB Questions?

    Alright so I know some people who have put a CB Radio in their trucks. I've got some questions about them, if anyone can help me answer some I would really appreciate it! 1. What is the point? I mean what all does it do, I think it would be cool and handy to be able to listen to weather and...
  10. Bought my 1st X today and have a small problem

    Repair Questions
    Just bought my 1st X today; 2004XE, 4x4, 80k miles. Already loving it. However, heard one of the speakers pop while driving it and now NO SOUND from the speakers. Everything works, just no sound. Any suggestions? Shorted speaker maybe? I checked both fuses and they are fine. Please help. Thanks.
  11. Guy in The Gulf

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I've had my X for about six months now, totally love it. When I was looking to buy a car I was just looking for a run of the mill Corolla or Mazda 3 which is what many people in this part of the world drive, I'd have loved a Landcruiser which is by far the most popular car but my budget...
  12. Crutchfield Harness/Does it actually fit?

    General Discussions
    Has anyone bought a new radio from Crutchfield for a 2002 Nissan Xterra and got the harness they send with it and does it actually fit? Will it jut clip in or am I in for a crazy install? Also how do I take out the old radio? Looking for a step by step of where all the screws are and stuff. Thanks
  13. sony xplod CDX-GT09

    Interior Mods
    So im putting a system in my X. Ive got everything wired up except the head unit. I wired it up and i got power but nothing through the speakers. I followed the diagram that i got with it but it didnt work. Im using a metra wire harness for a 2005 nissan xterra. Ive rewired the speaker wires...
  14. Ipod Connect for 2002 Stock Radio

    ICE - In Car Entertainment
    Is there a way to connect an iPod to a 2002 stock radio? If so, what do I need to do so?
  15. 2002 xterra radio swap questions. wiring.

    ICE - In Car Entertainment
    Hey guys i am really confused. I have a 2002 Xterra with the 6 cd changer and i purchased a pioneer head unit to change out the stock one. The wire harness i bought to connect the radio is the first part of my question.. Is there a special one for the 6 cd changer because i just got one for the...
  16. FS: 2001 step rails and stock radio/cd player

    I have stock step rails and stereo from a 2001 x. PM me. im in St. Louis. -step rails in good condition with all hardware: 100$ - stock radio (cassette does not work): 30$
  17. 1st Gen Stock deck

    Parts For Sale
    Recently replaced the stereo in my 2002 Gen 1.5 Xterra. Not sure if it was the top end system, but it had the steering wheel controls and the amp. (Amp not included, only the deck) I will try to post pictures of it later tonight. It is located near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  18. Radio electrical problems and short...

    Repair Questions
    I bought my 2002 brand new, and within the first year I was experiencing electrical issues with the radio/cd player. Every now and then, I would get popping and crackling in the speakers...speakers dropping in and out. I noticed that if I banged on the driver side of the center console below...
  19. Stereo Help!!

    Interior Mods
    Hey so i have a 2002 xterra 4x4 6cylinder. its got quite a few miles (159,000) and the passenger front speaker started to sound bad. So i took the door panel off and decided it was time for a new one. I had bought some 3 way speakers about a year earlier for another car and ended up never using...
  20. HELP!!! ACC radio wire not hot!!!

    Modification Questions
    I am replacing my radio in my '04. Everything was going good with the new HU until I set up the steering wheel control adapter. I tapped the SWC adapter into the ACC wire that leads to the radio (green with red stripe). It all worked for a day or so. Now nothing works. I turn the key on and...