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  1. General Discussions
    Hello everyone, I'm in the market for an XTerra and i found this 1st Gen with only 16726 miles. It was basically garaged for the last 20 years. I went to see it, overall conditions...
  2. General Discussions
    I am thinking about buying a 2002 Nissan Xterra XE with only 44,000 miles and has never been off road. It looks like it is in mint condition. What is a realistic ballpark figure you would consider paying for it? Here is a photo of it.[email protected]/5142463992/
  3. ICE - In Car Entertainment
    I wanna equip my car with a DVD player, and has found one with acceptable price ( But I wonder where to set up it, as its rear part looks too long. Can anyone figure it out?
  4. Northeast Forum
    Hello all, I am looking at buying an Xterra S, SE, or OFFROAD in the greater D.C. area, and I have a range of questions that I hope the board can help me with: 1) Does any of the trims (S, SE, or OFFROAD) come with the tow package? 2) What is a typical (and best) dealer price for the...
1-4 of 4 Results