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  1. A/C Pressure Sensors - Compressor Only Works When Jumped

    Repair Questions
    Hello all, I can't get my AC compressor in my 04 to turn on at any fan speed setting. It only turns on when I manually short circuit it - so I know the compressor/clutch is still engaging and in good shape. With the compressor jumped on, the freon is at normal operating levels. Thinking it has...
  2. Need Help finding connector for power steering pressure switch

    Repair Questions
    I replaced the power steering fluid lines, both pressure and return side. When I did this the original power steering pressure switch was now too large to screw into the new hose sensor bung. I ordered a new aftermarket oem replacement pressure switch and it is the correct diameter to screw...
  3. 2006 Nissan Xterra Oil pressure light

    Repair Questions
    The oil pressure light is only on prior to starting the vehicle. I changed the oil and the level is good. Also, I checked for any leaks from the oil pan and from above. Everything looks fine to me. Tonight I will remove the battery to see if that resets the indicator. Can anyone offer any...
  4. Air Conditioning Problem

    Repair Questions
    The high pressure AC hose blew on my 2003 Xterra. I had it replaced and recharged last month. Now after maybe 5 minutes of engine warmup, the compressor kicks off and on about every 5 seconds. The fan is running and everything electrical works fine. This compressor on/off cycling is only a...