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    I have a 2004 xterra 4x4 .When i push the button to roll down my windows, my door locks? None of my windows go down. What is the problem? Can i fix it myself?
  2. Repair Questions
    My power windows, especially driver's side, go up and down pretty slowly now. My 2004 X has 200k miles and is due for some parts replacements. I plan to lube the track with silicone but would like to replace the molding that has the fuzzy edge. Is 80820 (RH) and 80821(LH) the two parts that...
  3. Repair Questions
    Hi So i have a problem with my power windows, i decided to shot a video to be more clear about issue. please could you help me? thanks
  4. Repair Questions
    Looks and sounds like I need to replace the power window regulator and motor on the driver side. Any tips on how or if I even need to remove the glass to get the regulator and motor out? Also why is it so difficult to find a new power window master switch panel?
1-4 of 4 Results