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  1. Replaced power steering gear box - steering wheel not straight??

    Repair Questions
    So just did more or less a full overhaul of my power steering - new plumbing, new gear box, full fluid flush. No more leaks! However, now my steering wheel is off-center when the truck is driving straight!? Not a lot, maybe 40-45deg, if that. At a loss of what I did wrong!?? The power steering...
  2. An expensive mistake... power steering gear box shaft removal

    Repair Questions
    Ugh. Had the usual leaking power steering gear box (pitman arm shaft oil seal). Decided to take it apart to install a new seal kit. Well, if you're doing this, MAKE SURE that the box gears are in 'neutral' (middle of turning range), and don't just hammer on the sector shaft (pitman shaft) to...
  3. Power steering leaking

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2007 off road model and recently I noticed that the power steering in leaking and I seems like it is coming from around the power steering rack. If you know anything about this let me know
  4. Short Turning Radius

    Repair Questions
    Hello everyone! Wondering if anyone can help shed some light on this issue. My power steering recently went out due to leak coming from gearbox lower shaft where the pitman arm goes. I replaced seals and flushed PS fluid (I actually used ATF since reading it was ok to do so from some threads). I...
  5. Power Steering Pump for 2000 3.3L V6

    Parts For Sale
    Hi All; OK, this is the third of three for sale items. This is a power steering unit that I ordered in October 2012 for my 2000 Xterra SE. This is a REMANUFACTURED unit. Never got around to installing it and I have since traded that one in towards a 2012 Pro-4X (you gotta love that 0% apr...
  6. Power steering hose connection

    Repair Questions
    Hi all, I'm going to change the power steering hoses in my 2000 Xterra, which uses banjo bolts to connect to the steering boxing. But the all of the local auto parts stores sell only the "threaded" type connection to the steering box. I was wondering if I could still use the "threaded" type for...
  7. 2003 X Power steering reservoir cracked

    Repair Questions
    My first post ever... so let me apologize for being a noob. The power steering reservoir is cracked at the bottom on my 2003 Xterra SE (where the hose clamp was apparently over-tightened). Also, the upper line is leaking at the connection to the reservoir. Basically, the whole passenger side of...
  8. Very hard to turn steering wheel

    Repair Questions
    I've noticed lately that my steering wheel is getting very hard to turn when the vehicle is not moving. I've drained and filled the reservoir with PS fluid about 5 times now since I got the xterra but it doesn't seem to be helping. The fluid is very clean. Basically when the vehicle is sitting...