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  1. Repair Questions
    Anybody ever use any of these assorted boxes of plastic fasteners like this one? I have a 2004 X and it probably needs 1 or 2 of each! lol Afterwards I'll have a huge box of leftovers but it may still be worth...
  2. Modification Questions
    I have been looking and looking for the past few months and cannot decide if I should plastidip or bedliner the plastics on my (silver) x. I have already bedlinered the wheels. I am thinking I also want to paint my roof rack, and step rails at the same time, but I do not think I should...
  3. Member's Xterras
    So I started painting some of my plastics today. I ran out of daylight so I will post up some pics tomorrow. If it looks good I will probably start pulling off more plastics. I'm using black Krylon Fusion. Anyone else use the same?
1-3 of 3 Results