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  1. Painting rusted small parts - best paint?

    General Discussions
    What do folks use for painting various small parts in the engine compartment or underside? Hoping to keep the truck going and looking good for a long time For example, will be taking out my power steering gear box soon to fix it; the thing is fully covered in rust - cleaning it down to bare...
  2. Another headliner saga....

    Interior Mods
    OK, New guy here. I've had an OLD Land Cruiser, Jeeps, 4X4 pickup, etc. - but never paid much attention to the Xterra. Always associated Nissan with the original Datsun name and remembered they weren't the finest examples of vehicle engineering... But I went looking for a cheap, older, beater...
  3. Rear Hatch Nozzle Leak

    Repair Questions
    I bought my 06 xterra offroad about 8 months ago, about 150,000km. I have noticed some minor rust around the back hatch window. Maybe unrelated, maybe not, the other day at the car was I noticed that the seal around the back window washer spray nozzle was loose. the nozzle can pull right out...
  4. Not a Build thread , but 40bucks well spent :D

    Member's Xterras
    Short Project Thread of My X I went with gun metal bumper . I didnt want to go with total different color and end up chipping off later . so i went with very similar paint . b4 and after and sticker came in
  5. Super Black 2005 Off Road Xterra

    New Member Introductions
    In Salt Lake City. Just bought my Xterra in late January. Absolutely love it so far. Looking to paint my rims black, already added an aftermarket stereo. I would also like to add a light bar, HID or LED lights, bigger wheels, and anything else I can find that I like. Any Mods under, or...
  6. Best options for painting stock plastic??

    Modification Questions
    Looking in to painting the the plastic on my 06 X. Going flat black. I want a lifetime product that can handle a lot of brush burn. Any advise from those of you that have already done this? thanks for the help.
  7. Hurculiner

    Modification Questions
    been reading up a lot on hurculiner bedliner and im thinking about doing my rockers before the salt pocalypse of northern ohio. this is a roll on bedliner -i have had bad experiences with spray in the past and it seems to be thicker and more durable than most sprays. appears to leave a...
  8. New Member (Bumper Paint Tips?)

    New Member Introductions
    Hi. I am 19 years old. I got my xterra when I was 16 as my first vehicle. Its a 2002 Green 6cyl 2wd. At first it was just the vehicle I drove, but I've feel it love with it the last few years. I love to take her down dirt roads and trails even though it is a 2wd. I would definitely love to...
  9. New Owner of Used Xterra

    New Member Introductions
    As of yesterday, I'm now part of the Xterra family. I bought a used 2001 Xterra XE, V6, 4x4, Solar Yellow for $3,700 CDN. While shopping, I was offered a 2002 Ford Explorer and did my research. Reviews indicated that the Explorer was more trouble than its worth. Coming across the Xterra, I did...
  10. RUST any suggestions

    Repair Questions
    ive become the new owner of and 03 silver X and everything is pristine EXCEPT the back bumper has a few rust spots and rust around the license plate light fixtures. Have any of you guys ran into this problem? and if so what have you done to touch it up? any suggestions are welcomed thanks guys
  11. looking to paint plastic

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    looking to paint all the plastic on the outside of my 06 X. any ideas on what i should use? and any other tips that would help me out? thanks guys medicman22
  12. Black plastics on white Xterra

    Modification Questions
    My plastic trim is extremely faded (blame the AZ sun) and I am thinking on painting it black (instead of original dark grey). Does anybody know how a WHITE '02 X looks with black trim? (good pics would be nice) Also, what is the best paint to use? I heard that Krylon Fusion Flat Black works...
  13. X-Lining the Exterior of an X

    Exterior Mods
    So lately I have been thinking about getting my X cover in line X for some extra protection. Was wondering if anyone here has done that yet and could fill me in on some info. - Like cost - Time - And pretty much anything else I can't think of at the moment. Funny thing is, I could really care...
  14. The Ghostbusters Xterra

    Exterior Mods
    Right now this is just an idea in my mind. But could it be the best idea I've ever had? You tell me. So I came across this guy. Some of you guys may have seen it. He owns a video game store. Took a Subaru Outback and made it kind of look like ECTO-1. Pretty cool. But. What if this same...
  15. Looking to MOD. Help Please!

    Modification Questions
    I have a 2004 xterra thats in the process to being painted red. I have 3 questions. 1. I need advice on how to paint my wheels 2. Any suggestions on MODs would be very helpful. I'm on a 500 dollar budget but i wanna add a few things here and there. 3. Can you paint the factory plastic?
  16. New Xterra Owner needs advice from pros

    General Discussions
    Hello I picked up my night armor gray 2011 Xterra Pro-4X last weekend with 3 miles on the odometer. So far I am really loving it however I have a small problem. I went to wax it this weekend and I noticed that there were 3 small paint bubbles in the rain channel on the roof. They were still...
  17. Hey ya'll got me wicked excited!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone!! So I've had my Xterra for just under 4 years now and just found this site. The plastics/bumpers/trim have been driving me crazy for most of that time! I was just browsing the DIY pages and found DRAKES thread and Im PUMPED to get started on repainting mine!! One...
  18. mud flaps removed!?!

    Body Armor
    so im not sure if i should take off my flaps or not... ive heard that if you take them off then it can cause the paint to crack and stuff... should i replace them with some rrubber flexible ones?... HELP ME OUT GUYS!
  19. Bryan's 01 X

    Member's Xterras
    So I started painting some of my plastics today. I ran out of daylight so I will post up some pics tomorrow. If it looks good I will probably start pulling off more plastics. I'm using black Krylon Fusion. Anyone else use the same?
  20. Paint and or powder coat factory rims

    Offroad Wheels & tires
    Hey everyone, Just put some new Toyo A/Ts on my Xterra. I have the facatory 2000 rims and Im on a major budget now. I thought it might look good to paint the rims black. Anyone ever done it? Any tips on what I should do? Shoot me some pictures Id love to see them...