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  1. P0328 & P0127 codes will I pass Smog in California ?

    Repair Questions
    My Check Engine light has been on for a while, and I finally bought a tester and found out I've got P0328 and P0127 error codes. I'm wondering if I can pass a Smog test in California with these error codes, or if I need to get them fiexed. The P0328 sensor seems a bit difficult to repair, so I...
  2. Codes after a body lift

    Repair Questions
    So a week after my two inch body lift was successfully installed the CEL lit up. get the codes read and cleared at autozone. 15 minutes later they come back on. So back to the Zone... print it off and here are my codes P0328 Knock sensor 1 circuit high input P0441 Incorrect Purge Flow P0455...
  3. Several codes, hoping they could all be related.

    Repair Questions
    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting. My SES light came on a few days ago. I took it to autozone and they gave me 4 codes: P0134 P0328 P0306 P1148 From the research I have done it looks like they could all possibly be related to a bad Oxygen sensor. I do not know very much about...
  4. P0328 and P0430

    Repair Questions
    Hello, I just bought my XTerra about a month ago. Its a 2004 XTerra with the naturally aspirated 3.3 V-6 mated to the 5 speed manual 4x4 trans. She has 112,000 miles at present, and I am about to start the process of going through and doing the maintenance. Yesterday, it threw the SES light...
  5. Weird shaking when sitting

    Repair Questions
    I'm sure that this has been answered before, but just keep getting lost in all the posts/searches. I've got an '03 X with the 3.3(Non SC) Auto trans. When i'm sitting in Park/Neutral everything is pretty good. When I shift into any Drive Gear D/R/1/2, I get a very noticable vibration. It really...
  6. Holy boost, Batman!!!!

    Repair Questions
    I've had my X for about a month, and ever since I have been on this site every day. Today I found the how-to to check for trouble codes, and guess everyone's great surprise... a P0328! So time for the knock sensor relocation, but in the mean time I decided to try the controversial...
  7. Cel: P0158

    Repair Questions
    02 Sensor???? CEL: P0158???? Driving around today and the CEL came one, pulled the codes and P0158 & P0328 came up. P0158 = 02 Sensor Circuit High Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 2 P0328 = Knock Sensor I've known and been planning on relocating the Knock Sensor for a while, have the feeling I pushed...
  8. P0430 and P0328 need help with these codes

    Repair Questions
    My 2004 Xterra 3.3 V-6 has the service engine light on and the codes that come up are P0430 Catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank 2) and P0328 Knock sensor 1 Circuit high input (Bank 1 or single sensor) (3). It did not pass emissions so I need to correct this so I can get my tags...