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  1. It Won't Start!!!
    So, the other day my X (2001 XE 144k miles) just stopped dead in traffic with no warning after coasting up to a stop light. It didn't want to crank back up and it was about 30 degrees, so I ran down to Advance Auto and got a new battery. It started, and I limped it home (ran rough to get...
  2. Repair Questions
    I bought a 2001 Xterra SE in June and have been repairing things bit by bit like the fuel tank and knock sensor. It's been running well and I have driven it almost 6,000 miles in the past couple months since I have to drive everywhere now for work due to Covid. On a trip from Michigan to GA...
  3. Repair Questions
    Curious, now with more poll! Post if replacement was due to failure as well--would be good for current and future owners for one more data point on a failure/leave-you-stranded item.
  4. Repair Questions
    Here's a short clip. Radiator about half full. Made it to the house, but with some smoke and a burning smell. Sounds like a belt, but more like metal on metal to me. 168k miles.!237874&authkey=!AFrkoNu-gO7YLJo&ithint=video%2cmp4 Drew Honduras
  5. Repair Questions
    Hey y'all, Much thanks in advance, I do not know where to turn. I have an 04 xterra SE that overheats and here is all the info -- I was trying to go camping, so I had been driving for about 2.5 hours and was increasing in elevation when my 04 X started getting hot, let her cool down and drove...
  6. Repair Questions
    Back in June, my A/C went out and I did not get it fixed due to the expense. At that time, any time I had the A/C running, the engine temperature would indicate it was overheating. The shop I took it to removed the A/C belt and basically just said "don't use it", and I haven't. Fast forward to...
  7. Repair Questions
    Trying to put a condenser fan from a 01 on my 02 and there is no harness to plug it into. The fan itself bolts right in front of the condenser like it was made for it..... cuz it was. But no harness plug anyone know where it might be? My x is over heating if I use my AC when I park it with out...
  8. Repair Questions
    My 01 xterra has about 218,000 miles on it. I've recently had all hoses, spark plugs and all of that replaced. Normal tune ups and a new distributer. Radiator flushed, refilled the coolant reservoir with the right 50/50 mix. Even so, every time i turn on the a/c, without fail, it runs hot. very...
1-8 of 8 Results