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off road trails
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    Lol, sorry. Ive got a stock '05, no mods besides a sub install. I want to get into offloading, like mud and small rocks, 6-12" or maybe higher. What are recommendations for offloading, hardware-wise, and where are some good places in Missouri to go offroading at? Thanks for your help!
  2. Northeast Forum
    I have a new 2011 xterra and i have never off roaded before and i was wondering. if there were a few good spots start to go. I live just outside of newark NJ. If there are any easy places around me i would be happy if any of you could let me know about them. Thanks
  3. Northeast Forum
    My family and I may be moving to western Mass next year and I wanted to research OR trails that are available in the area. Of particular interest to me are trails you can take that for a day or two or three without really seeing any civilization. But I'm afraid because of the population density...
1-3 of 3 Results