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  1. Trip Reports & Photos
    Hi guys, I hope you had as good a time last weekend as I did (despite not being able to make up Diaper Hill). Sorry Paulo and I had to miss out on the Cracker Barrel festivities, sounds like you had a good ol' time. Hopefully next time we can stick around. Here's the photos we took of the run...
  2. General Discussions
    Thought I'd spend some of my Christmas money on something that' *ahem* Anyway, that's what I told myself when I bought it.
  3. Northeast Forum
    My family and I may be moving to western Mass next year and I wanted to research OR trails that are available in the area. Of particular interest to me are trails you can take that for a day or two or three without really seeing any civilization. But I'm afraid because of the population density...
  4. FAQ/Common Questions
    This thread is intended for people to look and see what types of things need fixing/replacing on Xterras of various years and models. The information on this thread is given from members of this forum and no guarantees are made as to it's accuracy. For additional and expanded information you can...
1-4 of 4 Results