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  1. need help on shocks...noob

    Street Suspension
    hello fellow members. im a long time lurker and new member. i just need help on deciding what shocks to get. i have a 2000 xterra se 4x4 136000 miles with stock shocks still. the ride feels uncomfortable, feeling every little bump on the road. im looking to make the ride smoother...
  2. Cleaning a Nismo CAI

    Performance Mods
    Hi, I have a Nismo cold air intake and it has gotten pretty dirty. I was wondering how to clean it. I was thinking of using an air compressor but I did some research and I guess there is a product that you are supposed to spray on to it and then rinse it off. Can I just use an air compressor to...
  3. For Sale: NISMO Silver 04 Xterra Wheels

    Reduced For Sale: NISMO Silver 04 Xterra Wheels $550 Shipped Well Taken Care of Nismo 16" Rims. Silver off my 04 Xterra. They have Terra Grapplers on them, but you'll need new tires. >25% of the Tread left, so their kinda loud now. I went all black rims. Don't need these anymore. They are used...
  4. I bought the Nismo Intake for my 2004 SE .. is my warranty going to be void?

    Modification Questions
    Just curious because i figure since it is a nissan product. and im not "getting" a new transmision or engine. i figure its like getting a skidplate or aftermarket lights.... any help or knowledge? thanks JOsh!