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  1. Member's Xterras
    Hey guys and gals, I am creating a thread about my X as I am going through modding it and building it up for my cross country trip. The list of things I want to do to it: 1. Remove air baffle 2. P.M.L. 3. Replaced radio and speakers (old radio went when i disconnected neg battery cable) 4...
  2. General Discussions
    I've had mine a month and still don't have one for her...2002 Silver metallic. Anyways, I always named all my other cars so here's those just for funsies: 'Roxy' 1999 Grand Am (my mom named it) 'Penny' 1996 S10 'Roseanne' 1993 Ford Taurus (she was big, slow, and loud) 'She-Ra' 1989 Grand Prix...
1-2 of 2 Results