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  1. Modification Questions
    I have a mildly dumb question, I have a 2nd gen Xterra and I want to install some D-serise Rigid lights next to my hood but, I can't justify spending $90 on a bracket that's only $15 for a 4Runner. My plan is to riv-nut the lights in the space next to the hood. Is there any reason besides not...
  2. Modification Questions
    Nice mod if you are taking out the headliner for reupholstery. Found a nice spot next to the rear hatch interior light to cut a nest for the controller. Tapped into the same light for power, and the door lock switch becomes the on/off switch.
  3. Modification Questions
    I just bought a 2004 4x4 xterra and I absolutely love this thing. Im already planning on getting a 3 inch lift from 4x4 parts but im curious as to what other mod ideas yall have
  4. Modification Questions
    I’m pretty new to xterras and SUV’s in general. I just bought an ‘05 Xterra S and I want to put new rims and tires on it. I know the stock S rims are 16x7 but most of the rims I’m seeing online are 16x8. Can I put 8’s on it stock? And if not, what parts do I need?
  5. How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Hello fellow Xterra owners. I bought an Xterra as my first car (2005 SE) and I was looking into making a custom subwoofer box/setup. The rear cargo area (the extra storage w/ the latch) seems like a perfect area to make a custom subwoofer enclosure and I was wondering if anyone has done it or...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Gentlemen, I have been stalking these forums for a while and I believe the time for an introduction/build planning is due! I live in Houston, Texas. If any of you would like to make a rig building friend that would be awesome. I can help you with your build and vise versa! I’m good at carrying...
  7. Performance Mods
    Hi, I'am new here but I have my Xterra since new in 2003. I want to upgrade to a SC model is it possible new is an standard 3.3 SE 2003. Thanks
  8. Member's Xterras
    Just bought a 2012 with 44000 miles on. Has no modifications that I'm aware of. Moderate budget.
  9. New Member Introductions
    In Salt Lake City. Just bought my Xterra in late January. Absolutely love it so far. Looking to paint my rims black, already added an aftermarket stereo. I would also like to add a light bar, HID or LED lights, bigger wheels, and anything else I can find that I like. Any Mods under, or...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello world! Not really sure how this intro goes but my name is Chase, I live in the Portland-metro area of Oregon. I got my 2004 X se v6 4x4 last June and I absolutely love it, especially coming from an older BMW. I used to come a crossed this site a lot searching for mods/parts and have since...
  11. Exterior Lighting
    Hi I just bought a used 2011 Nissan Xterra. I was wondering what is the best light bar you can get? or which one you prefer? Also which lights do you prefer?
  12. General Discussions
    So as the title says i just got my first xterra ever! 2010 4x4 x series. Completely stock as of now but im super pumped to get some mods on it! I already have a list going of what I want! 2in body lift 2 or 3in suspension lift full grill guard (eventually add a winch) new roof rack (I wanna...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Just got my first Xterra and it is a 2004. I want to get this thing leveled as soon as possible and was wondering if anyone could help me out with what yall have found to be the best way. I have installed leveling kits on other trucks but this is my first Nissan so I just wanted yalls input on...
  14. Offroad Suspension & Steering
    Hello I just bought my 03 xterra xe and I want to get into offroading and I was just wondering what the first mods I should do would be everything is stock
  15. Modification Questions
    I just bought my new vheicle today a 2001 Nissan Xterra 2WD 3.3 L V6 (XE) i want to star building it up. as in L.e.d lights lift kit suspension exhaust. i want to turn this SUV into a Beast. any tips or reccomendations for what type of parts to use for these few mods i want to install...
  16. WTB/WTT Section
    Im looking for an 02-04 Xterra... would like it to have some extras and would prefer it be in state... i am from western kentucky would be fine with traveling within a few hours... Im looking to spend around $7500 on the top side, or would be willing to trade my 02 Mustang GT Convertible for an...
  17. New Member Introductions
    James Drake Decatur, Alabama Join Date: 11/04/2007 2004 Xterra SE S/C (Codename: X-Ray 2) Build Page: Born and raised in Alabama, I spend my days being outside. Hiking, camping, wheeling, shooting or just working around the house...
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, My names Josh I just got my 2000 Xterra V6 4x4 like three months ago, my first vehicle. So yeah I mean it runs great, I got it from my grandpa's shop, and its only got like 84k on it. It's got some dents and stuff from the last owner, but I love it. Anyway, I'm a new member and am...
  19. New Member Introductions
    hey yall my name is matt and i am a huge Xterra fan I about to get my first X but i need some advice I have 2 options: 1) get a brand new 2010 xterra X 4x4 2) get an older xterra 4x4 I want this car for the purpose of offroading so either way I am going to end up modding it and taking it in...
1-20 of 25 Results