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  1. P0300 Driving Me Mad !

    Southeast Forum
    I have a 2006 Xterra V6 4.0 . A couple of weeks ago I was cruising rather slow (20-30 mph) and it just died. I coasted over to the edge of the road and restarted it. Well, it drove and ran fine for about a week and then one day I was merging onto the interstate and it wouldn't accelerate above...
  2. Misfire in the 1st cylinder

    Repair Questions
    I have a good one for you folks here. I own a 2000 Xterra XE. I noticed a misfire in the 1st cylinder and brought to my mechanic. My mechanic is very good. he's done a bunch of work for my truck and always took care of me and charged me very fairly. The truck has a rough idle and and the RPM arm...
  3. 2008 Xterra S. Misfire Issues

    Repair Questions
    A month ago my 08 Xterra S started idling and accelerating very rough. I took it to get a diagnostic and all they told me was that it was misfiring on cylinder one. Which is what I told them when I walked in the door. So I took the $120 advice and replaced the coil and spark plug on cylinder 1...
  4. Misfire code(P0300)

    Repair Questions
    Hello , I’ve recently been experiencing two different symptoms on my xterra. About a month ago my car misfired on the second cylinder (P0302) by lagging to accelerate when I pushed the pedal and then it would go after a second. I assumed it was a coil or spark plug so moved the coil on the...
  5. p0306 code. No improvement after changing distributor and spark plug

    Repair Questions
    This whole thing started about a month ago when I had a crank no start caused by a p0306 code. Replaced the distributor (and the cam shaft sensor) with an aftermarket part, and that cleared it up for a couple of months. I started getting another misfire last week and threw a p0306 misfire cyl...
  6. Gen 1: Idle hunting at startup and jerks/hesitates while coasting around 35-50mph (goes away if I tap throttle at all). Timing issue?

    Repair Questions
    So I had a pretty bad misfire issue in cylinders 4 and 6 that turned into a crank no start a couple of weeks ago. Initially thought it was the fuel injectors based on the symptoms/diagnostic, so I did a fuel induction, which did nothing. Before getting into replacing the injectors, I decided...
  7. P0302 Misfire Problem

    Repair Questions
    I’m having a misfire problem with my 2004 Xterra with a VG33E 6 cylinder engine, auto transmission, 205K miles. The car will operate normally when the engine is cold, but after it warms up and you stop for a short period, say 15 minutes, it will misfire when it is started up. The misfire seems...
  8. Misfire on warm start, 1st gen,vacuum leak

    Repair Questions
    Hello everyone, Hope everything is well. I’d like to share my experience on the misfiring when start the car after 20-30 min of parking. Hope this can help someone bugged by this issue. Short version: check for vacuum leaks. Mine had a tear on the rubber intake duct, and after changing the...
  9. Random misfire after plug replace & plenum removal

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2006 X, I just replaced my plugs & passenger side camshaft position sensor (as a result of p0340) which also entailed removing the intake plenum. Well, good news is p0340 for the camshaft position sensor no longer comes up. Now it runs rough - minor at idle but really bad under load...
  10. Need help with cylinder misfire code: P0302

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2004 automatic n/a V6 with about 170,000 miles. I recently changed the battery and after a day of driving without any problems it started to idle very low, around 500 rpm and would shake the whole vehicle when I would come to a stop. It doesn't happen when I first start the car, only...
  11. Intermittent misfire Cyl 1 - P0301

    Repair Questions
    2005 Xterra, 114,000km I recently experienced a misfire on cylinder one (rough running, blinking MIL, then MIL stayed on). When I checked the code it was P0301 indicating cylinder #1 , of course its that one, cause its under that air intake and a B* to get to. When I got it home, I popped the...
  12. Oil smells like gasoline!

    Repair Questions
    I was checking my fluids today since I am almost due for an oil change and I did a transmission fluid service yesterday and I smell the dip stick for freshness. After smelling the engine oil, it smells like straight up gasoline! The color of the oil is still pretty golden light brown. The...
  13. Part it out or Fix it?

    Repair Questions
    Sorry for long post! I wanted to get some opinions on what you would do in this situation. Here is the some history on my wife’s Xterra: 2002, 3.3L NA, ~165K, Original Owner. She kept the miles low using around college town for 8 years. Really started to put miles on as a commuter car when...
  14. head gasket or worse?

    Repair Questions
    hello all, I have had coolant burning and billowing out of my tail pipe. I replaced the head gasket and all others up from there.I still have the coolant burning out the tail pipe!! anyone with similar problems or any suggestions? HELP ME PLEASE!!
  15. "random misfire"

    Repair Questions
    changed my timing belt over the weekend, was running fine at first. but driving home from work yesterday my SEL started flashing. it seems to be idling low. Dianostic at the parts store showed "random misfire". Is it save to drive as is?? I have to be at work in two hours.
  16. Looking for help.

    Repair Questions
    Hello I need help with a problem. The story goes like this. In my infinite wisdom I was spraying the engine compartment with a pressure washer to try and clean it up a little. So I am really trying to be careful not to soak the distributor and I am staying pretty far away. The engine is running...
  17. Major Misfire: Throwing parts at it didn't work, now what?

    Repair Questions
    2000 Xterra XE, 3.3L, 5spd, 4x4, 278,000 miles My trusty work horse has a hiccup.... a big one. The misfire is pretty severe with a cold engine and is so severe when warm that I max out at 0.5mph. The ECU shows no codes even after 2 miles of major misfire driving. She starts quickly on the...
  18. 02 xterra OBD2 code Misfire (Multiple)

    New Member Introductions
    Im getting OBD2 code for Misfire- (multiple cylinders) Check engine light is on. *complete tune up with Plugs, wires, rotor, cap and oil change done *K&N cold intake installed *Premium gas being used. the truck starts, runs excellent.Has lots of power, no hesitation or lag. I erased the OBD2...
  19. 2002 Xterra from SF Bay Area.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, Ive had my xterra for 2yrs now. Ive taken it all over on and off road. I was visiting the site since I cant figure out why my check engine light is on. The OBD2 code reads Knock sensor ( High bank) and Misfire (multiple). Ive read on other forums that the knock sensor by itself would not...
  20. Misfire, stalling, MAF codes, rough idle, knock sensor etc..

    General Discussions
    Hello All, I am new here but have been referencing the site this past week in an attempt to solve a misfire / stalling problem. Seems this has been happening a lot lately and many have had success replacing things like cap & rotor, plug wires, plugs etc. I wanted to chime in with my situation...