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    So, hey guys. I haven't been here a lot (I have no time). But, I wanted to ask something because I'm worried. I have a 2001 Xterra. Lately she has been vibrating a lot, nothing serious, but I would like to know why is this about if anyone knows. And also, I'm listening this noise like...
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    I know a lot of you guys are off-roaders and probably think hypermiling is stupid, I totally understand. I also realize my Xterra is not supposed to get great MPG, I have to have it to get through Ohio snow and haul small loads of stuff around. I have started hypermiling just so I could get the...
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    I am purchasing a 2000 Xterrra V6 (non-supercharged) with 196,000 miles for next to nothing. I'm curious as to how many miles you guys have racked up throughout the years. Please share!
1-3 of 3 Results