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  1. WentWindrock 2014 (National Xterra Meet)

    General Discussions
    As many of you know the National Xterra Meet ( is turning into This is a big step in showing Nissan that we love the outdoor life and need them to continue building a vehicle for us. This years event will be for any type of Nissan SUV/Truck...
  2. Lets get a meet up going in KC or Branson, MO

    Midwest Forum
    Hey everyone, Anyone interested in getting a meet up started in Kansas City, Missouri or Branson, Missouri? Get all of the Xterra drivers in Missouri and surrounding states out for a good time. Get some: Tailgate parties, competitions, showing cars, all the goods. Tailgate Parties: Biggest...
  3. Convoy from North of Nashville/Murfreesboro to NXM

    General Discussions
    ***Ok so it seems most people will be taking I-65 to nXm, so were going to choose I-65 as the route. This is the plan I have come up with, it may possibly change but as for now its what I have in mind. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to go from Bowling Green to the Best Buy in Murfreesboro...
  4. The official Texas nissan truck meet III

    Southwest Forum
    PLEASE READ COMPLETELY. Ok after much planning we are going to have the Texas Meet III. I have got to have the most understanding & resourcefull wife out there. The dates are starting Friday April 1 thru Sunday April 3 2011. The meet is going to be at Cedar Ridge park Turkey roost area just...
  5. MD Trails

    Northeast Forum
    Hey all, just bought a 2006 X 4x4 and am dying to get it dirty! Its totally stock so I dont want to do anything too tough, not trying to tear anything up. Anyone near the Baltimore area got any ideas where to go and is it legal? This is also my first 4x4 so it probably wouldnt hurt for me to...
  6. NOAS Run @ Coal Creek May 15th - 17th

    Southeast Forum
    Just getting this out there now so people can plan ahead that are interested. The annual Coal Creek run has been pushed back to May 15th - 17th. This run is open to anyone who owns a nissan and wants to get it dirty. You DO NOT have to be a NOAS member to attend. Last year was said to be a...