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  1. 2000 Xterra and 2001 Frontier compatibility?

    General Discussions
    TLDR; Local scrapyard has a 2001 V6 4WD 5 speed. I have a 2000 V6 4WD Automatic Xterra. I've already robbed the clutch and manual brake pedal off of it. I can purchase the entire Frontier for roughly $300 to use further as a donor vehicle. Just wanting to confirm interchangeability between...
  2. Slave Cylinder Issue

    Repair Questions
    Hello Everyone, I hope someone can help me. I have a 2002 X 4x4 with with 3.3 liter and a manual trans. I bought it about a year ago. since then it has chowed through 5 Clutch slave cylinders. I've tried different brands, different retailers, and even different driving methods. I grew up on a...
  3. transmission temp gauge dropping while changing gear.

    Repair Questions
    Hello Everyone. I just bought a 05 nissan xterra 6 speed manual off road edition. if there is any xterra owner in Georgetown Ontario give me a shout. the truck has 172000km. has been serviced at Kitchener nissan all its life and i received the full service history. Now I have 2 problems with...
  4. WTB: 02-04 Xterra Manual SE/XE with sunroof

    Vehicles For Sale
    Will pay up to $5500 for the right vehicle. I'm in Central NJ. But will consider traveling. Must have an Xterra back in my driveway. :crying: Prefer Black . but any color is fine.. The wife won't let me buy yellow and daughter doesn't like maroon but it's ok with me. PM me with anything...
  5. WANTED: 4wd Manual Xterra

    Vehicles For Sale
    I'm relatively new to this site/cars, so bear with me. I'm looking to get a new vehicle so I can stop using my mum's old Ford Ranger. I'm interested in purchasing a Nissan Xterra, obviously. Here's what I have in mind: 4WD Manual Transmission Model somewhere between 2001-2005, inclusive...
  6. Any performance clutch suggestions? I've burnt mine

    Offroad Drivetrain
    Yup, i've burnt it again after 80000 miles. I don't want to stick with the OEM clutch coz its so weak. Any recommendations will be highly appreciated Thank you all
  7. Manual trans rebuild

    Repair Questions
    Has anyone attempted to do a tranny rebuild themselves?
  8. anyone seen a 04 trans replacement how to?

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    04 trans replacement how to? I picked up a clean 04 xterra that needs a transmission (v6, 2wd, non supercharged). I am familiar with the vehicle history because it was a good friend of mines who too good care of it. I have sourced a good trans in the los angeles area at a good price and Im just...
  9. Reverse Light Issues

    Repair Questions
    Hi guys, just got a 02 xterra(manual, 4x4, non sc) about a week ago. Last night was my first time really being out at night and I realized my reverse lights do not work unless I hold the shifter back hard. Even then they seem to not want to work all the time. I'm assuming it's the switch for for...
  10. Intermittently Won't Crank

    It Won't Start!!!
    I have a 2003 XE 4x4 manual transmission. Several months ago I went to start it after work one night and all I got was a single click under the hood. The lights and radio all came on still. The next day it started a couple times but then did it again later that next day. Within about 3 days it...
  11. howdy all

    New Member Introductions
    We just got a black 200 Xterra manual/4WD SE (6-cylinder/3.3-litre). I was brought up on four 1960s VW bugs, a 1959 Volvo PV544 3-speed, and two Porsches, so, after driving a Dodge Caravan automatic for the past year, this is great! We are looking into finding a reputable HHO kit to add 50%+...
  12. Manual or Auto for highway driving?

    General Discussions
    So I'm looking at buying a 2006+ Xterra, and there's a 2006 standard transmission 6-speed for sale that looks nice. Question: Will the 6-speed manual cruise nicer than the 5-speed automatic at highway (75 mph) speeds? A.k.a. Automatic owners, what RPM are you at when going 75 mph? Manual...
  13. Transmission Noise & ABS Light Issues

    Repair Questions
    Hi Guys, been a while since I posted but I always appreciate the answers I get from y'all. I'll start with the ABS light. I've checked the brake pads and rotors, they don't seem to be wearing oddly, no gouges or grooves in the rotors and the pads are wearing evenly. The pads have a good...
  14. Hello everybody!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello. I'm Jack and I bought a 2002 Xterra with 93k miles a couple months ago. She's white and completely stock (with brush guard). And of course I never would have bought her if she wasn't a 4x4 with manual transmission. :D On another note...I could use some help on THIS.
  15. Jack5885's Build Thread

    Member's Xterras
    -Project Panda- Jack5885's Build Thread Alpha Jack5885's Expedition Build/Ideas Thread NOTICE: This is a long term build since I have very little free time at the moment. Bio: When I first got it I called it Panda because a friend of mine thought it looked like a panda. Since then, I've...
  16. FS: 2nd Gen ('06) X 4x4 Off-Road 6 Speed MT in SO CAL

    Vehicles For Sale
    I'm going to be putting my 06 Xterra up for sale on Auto Trader later this week. I'm working on purchasing a Frontier as I need the bed for my dirt bikes. Everything on the truck works, 4 Hi, 4 Lo, The Rear Locker, Air, No SES Lights. I'll post some up-to-date and for sale friendly photos...
  17. Sloppy stick shift in 5spd manual 2wd

    Repair Questions
    Im having a tranny problem with an '02 Xterra. Its a 2wd 2.4L 5spd w/ 160k miles on it. Went on a 200 mile trip to pick up a friend from airport. Drove there (100 miles) No problems at all... After leaving the airport I noticed it became very hard to shift into 3rd gear, and sometimes it wouldnt...
  18. 4th Grinds When Shifting From 5th.

    Repair Questions
    Howdy, A couple of weeks ago I changed out my transmission fluid in the X with Royal Purple (75-W90). I don't know if this is the cause, but it's the only thing I've done to the transmission, so I'm not sure. About a week later I started noticing that I needed to push the clutch in all the way...
  19. '03 Xterra SE V6 Manual

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I been the owner of a 2003 Xterra SE with a manual transmission for the last 7 years. Sadly, my Xterra has seen better days, and after a troublesome car day I learned that it needs a whole new engine and some other parts to keep it alive. It's a hard decision for me because I like this...
  20. Xterra Factory Service/Owners Manuals

    Repair Questions
    Follow the links listed below to a downloadable copy of Xterra factory service manuals and owners manuals (.pdf files). The FSM's are a much more thorough and detailed guide to both routine maintenance and repairs and contain any and all technical info you may be looking for. A huge thank...