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lower control arm

  1. 03 S/C sway bar mount crack

    Repair Questions
    Hey all, I have an 03 4X4 S/C, and I was under it earlier today replacing the pads and rotors. While I was digging into the passenger side wheel well, I noticed that there's a hairline crack in the bracket on the lower control arm that the sway bar bushings mount up to. Anybody notice this/is...
  2. Lower control arm ball-joint replacement

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    I haven't confirmed it yet but I have a suspicion that I've got a failing ball-joint on my passenger side. If it's the upper, that is no problem but what I need to know is if it is the lower, is my best option to replace the whole arm or have a new ball-joint pressed in? I'm getting a...