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  1. Tire clearance test + photos

    General Discussions
    Wanted to run some snow chains, but was worried that I would have some clearance issues, so decided to do a little test; figured others might find this useful: ---- My truck: My Xterra is a 2004. Have a 2" body lift as well as a ~2+ suspension lift. For the suspension lift, I'm running stock...
  2. 2003 Xterra Lift

    Street Suspension
    Hello everyone! I have a 2003 Nissan Xterra, and I wanted to lift it between 2-4 inches, and I wanted to get the best opinion about a lift that high, for the cheapest. I'd like to know if there are any other cheaper ways to lift it that high, what amount of lift I should do for some knobby...
  3. 2003 Xterra Lift

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    Hello everyone! I have a 2003 Nissan Xterra, and I wanted to lift it between 2-4 inches, and I wanted to get the best opinion about a lift that high, for the cheapest. I'd like to know if there are any other cheaper ways to lift it that high, what amount of lift I should do for some knobby...
  4. Different wheel spacing with 3" lift?

    General Discussions
    The AC 3" lift states: "New wheels with negative 3.75" backspacing recommended with this lift" (link) Can anyone confirm why? Is this to prevent tire rub or for stability on the highway? Reason I ask is becausue this greatly increases the cost to do the lift -> need to factor in the cost of 5...
  5. Where and how do I get a 1.5 lift?

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    I own an 2001 Xterra and I was looking to do a poor mans lift. I saw a thread on here (Link at bottom) that he was able to get a 1.5 lift on his XTerra. I want to be able to do a 1.5 for mine and I can not find what I need to do one for both the front and rear of my Xterra...
  6. Balance and vibration issue. Lift kit advice.

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    So I've made the car look nice and clean from interior to exterior for the most part. Now i want to make it drive perfect and do a 2'' to a 3'' lift. My issue right now is the car vibrates a little when i hit 50+mph. I've seen a couple youtube vids on what it might be but i just care for someone...
  7. 04 X Sus Lift

    Modification Questions
    I’m installing a 2.5'' Rancho Suspension lift on my 04 X. However it says it will only fir up to 31.62'' tall tires. I already purchached 33x12.5R15 for it. Will I need to mod my front end? 31 inch tires for an almost 3 inches of lift sounds funky to me. I figured it'd tuck 33s.
  8. Update my suspension for bigger tires??

    Offroad Wheels & tires
    I have a 2015 Nissan Xterra Pro-4x. Its my baby. I want to put on some big offroad tires. Duramec maybe. Well do I need to update anything for it to run good? I do NOT want to have anything cheap or half ass on it. Let me know EVERYTHING I definitely/possibly should update. Not sure what size...
  9. Lift help

    Exterior Mods
    hey guys so iv been wanting more lift on my X... i know theirs the pml, and bl, sl, and even seen comments on bilsteins... obviously ima noob to this whats the best way to go? what exactly does each one do? is there a certain amount of steps to take? what can i honestly do to get a lift in...
  10. Suspension Lift

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    I currently have a 3 inch SL on my 04 xterra and am looking for ways to add another inch or two. I'm against BLs, but am always open to learn more about them. Rear suspension is easy, more leaf springs or longer connection things (blanking on the name), but what about the front? I've heard of...
  11. 32x11.5 on pml

    Offroad Wheels & tires
    Hello I just bought this 2002 xterra and I want it to look aggressive. I was thinking of getting a pml with aftermarket steel rims(4.5 BS) on 32x11.5. Will this fit? Can you also show some pics plz if you have it
  12. Just lifted the x

    General Discussions
    So I just lifted it 2.5 with spacers and shackles and when I turn sharp it makes popping noises. Is that because I haven't Haven't it aligned yet? I'm going today after class to do that but I'm really hoping that will solve my problem?
  13. 13 Xterra Newb - Have $3,000 what do I do.

    Modification Questions
    Just purchased my first Xterra (2013 S) and I'm loving it. I have about 3K that I want to put into it but not sure where to start. At the end of the day I want to lift it and add some power. Thoughts on how to best spend this money and make my Xterra one bad beast???
  14. Front lift idea's?

    Modification Questions
    Hey, Im running an '01 x and I'm looking for a front lift. My plan is to do an axle flip in the rear but I'm having a heck of a time finding a kit for lifting just the front. I'm thinking I should get 3-4" in the rear. With the torsion suspension in the front I can push it up some but I kinda...
  15. PML Install Help (GA)

    Southeast Forum
    I live just outside of Atlanta, GA and I'm trying to get help installing my PML from someone who is familiar with it. I know there's a write up on CX but I'd rather not screw it up. I'm willing to drive out and supply lunch and beer of course. I have a 2000 SE thats pretty stock apart from the...
  16. Suspension lift

    Modification Questions
    Im thinking about getting a 2.5 inch suspension lift and am wondering if i need to do anything else to the truck so everything is right steering wise
  17. Help fixing up my X?

    Modification Questions
    I'm new to the whole mod thing as I have not done anything to my car since I bought it. I drive a 2001 and I need yall advice on how to go about making the mods that I want to make. All I want to get done now is: - Lift I want a lift only because I like the look of higher cars, not for...
  18. PML, should I?

    Modification Questions
    New to the xterra scene, and I've heard talk about the Poor Mans Lift. I want to be able to go mudding with my redneck friends, and think a lift is in my best interest. I don't have money out the wazoo, so an economical option would be the best thing for me. What would I need, how is it...
  19. Help with how to level my Xterra

    New Member Introductions
    Just got my first Xterra and it is a 2004. I want to get this thing leveled as soon as possible and was wondering if anyone could help me out with what yall have found to be the best way. I have installed leveling kits on other trucks but this is my first Nissan so I just wanted yalls input on...
  20. Tire help?

    Offroad Wheels & tires
    Hi, I am getting Firestone's "Destination MT's" in the size 285/75/16, and im also doing a 2 inch body lift from I was wondering if anybody knows or thinks that i will rub? I want to get a suspension lift to avoid if not little but all cutting but i just don't have the money right...