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  1. Knocking sound at firewall

    Repair Questions
    I've got a knocking sound that seems to be coming from just ahead of the dashboard at the firewall, in the center. I hear it when driving on rocky roads, in fact it started when I drove a lot of dirt roads on a recent trip through Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It's a pretty loud knocking...
  2. P0328 and P0430

    Repair Questions
    Hello, I just bought my XTerra about a month ago. Its a 2004 XTerra with the naturally aspirated 3.3 V-6 mated to the 5 speed manual 4x4 trans. She has 112,000 miles at present, and I am about to start the process of going through and doing the maintenance. Yesterday, it threw the SES light...
  3. Car doesn't exceed 20mph

    Repair Questions
    Hi, I was wondering if there was a simple way of manually getting my service engine light error code on a 2001 Nissan XTerra. : D thanks. My Car doesn't surpass 20 mph, and I went to AAP and they told me is was the MAF. I changed it and still same problem proceeds. Maybe its the Knock sensor? i...
  4. help me about K/S

    Repair Questions
    Hi guys, i recently took my 2001 Xterra to AAP, and they told me that i had a problem with my knock sensor, and that i had to replace it. If ANYONE HAS any photos of the process to change the knock sensor. I understand its under the intake mani but I need to make sure where, how, it looks and...
  5. Weird shaking when sitting

    Repair Questions
    I'm sure that this has been answered before, but just keep getting lost in all the posts/searches. I've got an '03 X with the 3.3(Non SC) Auto trans. When i'm sitting in Park/Neutral everything is pretty good. When I shift into any Drive Gear D/R/1/2, I get a very noticable vibration. It really...
  6. Replacing O2 sensor question

    Repair Questions
    2002 non supercharged, 4wd 5speed, & not sport edition. Possibly helpful background info Two oil changes ago I had a K&N air filter installed because a friend recommended it. I have no cleaned it since and am on the verge of my third oil change (horrible). Few days ago the CEL...
  7. Bad knock, please help!

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2002 Xterra SE s/c with 152,000 miles on it. About a month ago it developed a very minor knock which was only noticeable at idle. The knock slowly got worse each day I drove it until one day it got really bad. It was very noticeable when driving, the truck would buck and snort, had...