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  1. iPhone or Android

    Off Topic Talk
    So here it is.. The great debate is on.. iPhone or Android... Both sides seem to love their product so lets see who is winning the phone battle
  2. HOW TO - 1.5 Gen iPod/Smartphone Mount

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Some back story: For years, I kept my iPod cradled in the cup holder of my old Corolla while playing music. This worked, but I wanted something A) better looking, (since I was upgrading rides), and B) something that wasn't also used for drinks. Hence, my quest for a mounting solution in the X...
  3. Iphone 3g S

    Off Topic Talk
    Anyone else want to get one of the new Iphones? I've been holding out on buying the Iphone until the new version came out and finally the time has come. I plan on selling my ipod (won't need it), gps (iphone has gps built in), and car stereo to get it. The phone is $200 or $300 but the data...