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  1. Repair Questions
    Wondering what this bristle is doing in my vg33e… I was taking apart the intake, to clean and restore the blacks, when I took off the spring clamp furthest from the air filter. Following the pipe to the T, I pulled it off and found this… not sure what it was, I tugged on it a little, but it...
  2. Repair Questions
    I plan to use the high temp red gasket maker. Is this the right choice?
  3. Repair Questions
    What the eff is this stuff? Its the consistency of ear wax. Wax is moisture as is snot. Is moisture collecting inside the AI hose, sitting and solidifying?
  4. Performance Mods
    Does anyone have or know of a good DIY snorkel build thread? "Good" as in detailed in measurements of pipes, cuts on the fender, etc. Trying to not spend $400 by buying one from AC :D
  5. Repair Questions
    I can not remove these things... It's like they are. I'm convinced that the metal nose and the hose have "become one". I'm sure some people on here know some tricks that might help. I can get my hand back there and pull down on it, but it's still not bulging. Help me before I decide to make this...
  6. Modification Questions
    Hiya, I just got my 2013 Xterra and am super jazzed about it. I came across this thread and was wondering, does this only apply to 1st gen? Or is there an intake resonator removal procedure for 2013 model? If not, any other DIY mods you would recommend? Thanks, Sweetpizza
  7. Modification Questions
    hey all, i have an 06X i want to help her breath a little better and get more power. i found this thread from a few years back and its for a 1st gen. wondering if it would be the same for a 2nd gen? i dont wanna get into it and realize its not gonna work for me...
  8. Performance Mods
    i live in the great state of virginia (sarcasm). im in the military and need to keep my xterra inspected. if i were to put a cold air intake in it will the inspector fail me? i have an 02 supercharged (should have gotten the 4x4). i want the intake to help my supercharger and help save gas but i...
  9. It Won't Start!!!
    I recently installed a custom intake...without utilizing the vacuum hoses, my car stalls out unless given that I connected the two hoses to my new intake, the car runs and idles without the need for me to give it gas..I think the idle is lower now though at only 600 rpm warm, and 1000...
  10. Performance Mods
    I've got a 2003 xterra and was thinking of getting some airaid throttle body spacers. Just wondering if anybody else has done this to their X and if they saw any gains from it. If you know any better ones too, just let me know.
  11. General Discussions
    The question that everyone wants answered... HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY GAS MILEAGE!?!?!?! So has anyone done it to their X? Can I improve my 2000 5-speed's gas mileage? What have you done to improve yours?
  12. Modification Questions
    Before I rip out half my intake system I just want to make sure that this not only works but there are no side affects... What are the resonators for in the first place?? Not that I don't trust the dude but I want some more input .. Thanks
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I have browsed these forums a few times in the past and figured it was time i signed up. Here is my story: Bought a spankin-new silver ice metallic 2002 SE/SC 4x4 with moonroof (cloth seats for Vegas heat) back in April of 2002. My Xterra has never failed me-I have taken it...
  14. Modification Questions
    Just curious because i figure since it is a nissan product. and im not "getting" a new transmision or engine. i figure its like getting a skidplate or aftermarket lights.... any help or knowledge? thanks JOsh!
1-14 of 14 Results