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  1. Starter issues?

    It Won't Start!!!
    I have a 2008 X with about 130k. I recently replaced the radiator and my truck has been running great until a few days ago. I go to start it and it won’t turn over and clicks a bit. I try again a few times and it eventually starts. Some days it just starts right up. When it has issues, all my...
  2. Can’t find 2000 ground M14 end

    It Won't Start!!! Thinking the guy before me had a satellite radio. Have had ground issues ever since I got it. Opened up bottom driver panel bc the cluster wouldn’t light up and found ground M14 is detached, but can’t find where it’s supposed to attach... to the harness? Where? Can...
  3. HElp asap with ignition switch locked and steering wheel locked

    New Member Introductions
    So here's what happened. I got up this morning at 4 AM to go out the truck to go to work. I put my key in the ignition and it would not turn. The steering wheel was not locked. The only reason that I know the steering wheel was not locked was because after the ignition would not turn I move the...
  4. VG33E First Post...Long Story. Cranks but doesnt Fire

    It Won't Start!!!
    Full disclosure...this is a 2000 VG33E frontier(125,000 miles), I've found more helpful information here while researching than elsewhere so I'm posting here. My truck died at idle while waiting for road construction at the bottom of a mountain pass...far from cell service. After it had died it...
  5. Dash lights w/o key

    Repair Questions
    Last Sunday I went out to start our 2004 manual X to no avail. Normal clicking and such for a dead battery so I pulled it and took it to Napa and they tested it (14 out of 800 amps??) and said it was bad and probably wouldn't take a charge (now that I think about it maybe he just wanted to sell...
  6. Rough accerleration and now won't start

    It Won't Start!!!
    About 2 weeks ago my wife called and said the car wont start. I had it towed back and took a look at it. power steering pump was bad...replaced it. (pain in the butt) After I replaced it, started it up and bleed the system...everythings fine. Took it for a spin to test everything out and...
  7. 2001 - Hard to start when warm

    Repair Questions
    This one is killing me! My Xterra will start in the morning flawlessly in the morning or after it has been sitting for over a few hours. It will also start flawlessly if it has only been off for about 5 minutes. The problem is, anywhere between that window, say, if it has been of 10 minutes...
  8. Remote Ignition for diagnostics (NOT Starter)

    Repair Questions
    Hey, What's the best route for installing a remote ignition/starter switch for cranking/starting the motor while I'm under the hood? I can no longer bother the wife to come out to the barn to turn the key. ;)
  9. Loss of power / 9mpg after some tuneup work?!

    Repair Questions
    I had some intermittent starting problems a month back and the dealer told me that his computer was showing a bad camshaft position sensor in the distributor and a bad MAF unit. I ordered and changed the distributor and MAF with new parts. I also changed the plugs, wires, distro cap, air...
  10. Won't Start: No Ignition - HELP!

    It Won't Start!!!
    I hate to admit it, but the X wouldn't start for the first time today. (other than battery) The battery terminals are clean and it has never had a better connection. I checked ALL of the fuses and they're fine. I turn the key and the starter turns and cranks the engine over but there's no...