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  1. Offroad FAIL!

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    I figured I would start a thread that we can all get a laugh from. This thread is for posting pics and vids of failed offroading attempts. No matter how extreme, minor or moronic, share it here for all to laugh and/or critique (tastefully please). So to start, here's a $100,000+ fail. If at...
  2. Good Bye HUMMER

    Off Topic Talk
    Link Looks like GM is killing off a few more jobs and a cool brand... Sad really.. This SUV really works.. But GM thinks they need to sell 20,000 a year in stead of the 9000 last year..
  3. Recreation Rescue

    Tread Lightly
    HUMMER and Tread Lightly! have announced the launch of a new partnership called HUMMER’s Recreation Rescue, which will provide grants to outdoor recreation sites. The grants will be dedicated towards land use education, management and trail maintenance. At least $25,000 in grants will be given...