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  1. Repair Questions
    Hi All, I had a pack rat chew through a couple small hoses/lines and was hoping someone could help identify what they are so I can replace them… Included a couple photos, one close up and one a little further back. 2 hoses were damaged. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Repair Questions
    I need this part however I am not paying anywhere near $30 dollars for it period. Anyone have any idea what size this hose is so I can try and match/cut one that's generic to fit.
  3. Repair Questions
    Before starting to change my fuel filter I noticed the hoses connected to it are looking like they need to be replaced as well. Does anyone know what size those hoses are and length I will need? I have no other transportation and I don't think the hoses will survive being taken off just to...
  4. Repair Questions
    Alright so here's the story: FSU shows corrosion at the electric connector, Nissan has a recall, but I would have to tow the Xterra 100 miles to have it repaired. I got the part and did it myself. The connector for the return line to the fuel pump is a pain to get off, I saw that on the...
  5. Repair Questions
    Hello x-terra club! I have x-terra 2000. Recently my radiator hose broke and I noticed it was quite old, so I decided to change all the hoses. So far I have changed four of them. But today as I was driving some other hose broke and I have hard time to figure out which one. I was looking for...
  6. Repair Questions
    I recently removed the plenum on my 2004 Xterra to change the valve cover gasket, upgrade hoses and get to plug #6. It was tough to get everything apart but things seemed to go well and I got everything back together just fine. Until I went to drive it... After driving a very short while the...
  7. Repair Questions
    I can not remove these things... It's like they are. I'm convinced that the metal nose and the hose have "become one". I'm sure some people on here know some tricks that might help. I can get my hand back there and pull down on it, but it's still not bulging. Help me before I decide to make this...
  8. It Won't Start!!!
    I recently installed a custom intake...without utilizing the vacuum hoses, my car stalls out unless given that I connected the two hoses to my new intake, the car runs and idles without the need for me to give it gas..I think the idle is lower now though at only 600 rpm warm, and 1000...
1-8 of 8 Results