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  1. 2007 Steering Wheel Horn Not Working

    Repair Questions
    My horn was working intermittently but has stopped working. The horn works if I lock the doors with the key fob. Before it stopped working I'd have to push really hard for the horn to work. I unpulgged then replugged the wire under the hood but no luck. When I push on the sterring wheel I can...
  2. Locks & Horn are Malfunctioning

    Repair Questions
    Hello! New here. We bought a used '04 Xterra a couple months ago. It's in great condition, and only has a little over 50,000 mi on it. We've noticed a recurring problem with our locks and horn (security system?). It's never predictable, and we can't figure out what triggers it. The issue started...
  3. How To: Megaphone under hood install

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Hey guys, after a quick search I didn’t find anything quite like what I did to my xterra a few weeks back to I thought I would share. This will work for and 2nd gen xterra. FOR 1ST GEN's: After looking at a picture of a 1st gen engine compartment, i think this could work if you installed it on...
  4. Cruise control & Horn not working

    Repair Questions
    I have a 2007 Nissan Xterra. The horn and cruise control are not working. There are no indicator lights on the dash when the on button is pressed, except when the wheels are turned all the way to the left. When attempting to set, the "set" light starts blinking on the dash and nothing happens...
  5. Horn '01 X

    General Discussions
    So i just pickep up an 01 Xterra....previous owner took put the horn...where does it connect, so that i can hook it up again...? also dud took out the windshield washer fluid reservoir....where does it belong....looked on the web cant seem to find any good pics of where they go...thanks!
  6. Horn problems.

    Repair Questions
    So I took out my factory horn yesterday and put in a Wolo Bad Boy horn. I unplugged my horn plugged in the Wolo and grounded it. Everything was working fine and the horn sounded great. Today I go to use my horn and it doesnt work. The odd thing is that when I use my key fob to lock the X the...
  7. Horn Talk

    Modification Questions
    As many of you most likely know, Xterra horns sck (at least 1st gens). I am looking to upgrade my horn. I don't want to put in an air horn set up, I just want to unplug mine and plug another one in. This said I know just as much about horns as I do brain surgery, absolutely nothing. To put it...
  8. Battery and Brake light

    Repair Questions
    So after the rain from TS Hanna came through here I decided to go get the X dirty. Well this hole had already wreaked havoc on a S-10 that is now dead in the water and has already been towed away. So I figure what the hey I'll break my truck too. Well I went through a few times no problem. Drove...