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  1. We Came, We Saw...

    Exterior Mods
    We Herculined. Yesterday, my buddy and I spent the better part of the day painting over the plastics on his Honda Element, and I painted the lower part of my doors. Just about prepped for paint. We needed to scuff up his plastics still. First coat. I parked on the curb to give us a...
  2. herculined my rocker panels and FINALLY installed my sliders

    Exterior Mods
    i have had this can of hercy for over a year. Finally got off my lazy a$$ and did it. I wrote up a how to and put it in that section.
  3. How to: Herculined rocker panels

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I have gotten quite a few pm's about this so I decided a little write up would help. If you have step rails/sliders and can take them off easily, DO IT! They just get in the way. This a very easy project to do, you just have to realize that once you start, there's NO TURNING BACK! Time to...
  4. Herculiner Hood Blackout

    Exterior Mods
    Been thinking about blacking out the hood for quite some time now, but never got around to it, til this past weekend. Had some Herculiner left over from the can I bought for the rear cargo space, so I decided to go ahead and use what was left on the hood. Oh and I also made a shovel mount...
  5. My green machine

    Member's Xterras
    Old pix I'll post newer ones soon. The license plate has changed since these pix were taken.